Toys, as we already know, surely created a nice memory of our childhood. Therefore, dreaming about toys has nothing to do with very negative things. Toys are associated with fear of commitment and responsibilities. When we have a dream with toys, our subconscious is telling us that we are not ready to lead our adult life as we should. Dreams with toys occur when we are approaching a commitment. This commitment can be work, economic or love.

Adult life is full of responsibilities and obligations that can take us away from our inner child. It is very common that this feeling is represented in dreams and causes us dreams of different types. That is why taking into account each of the interpretations of dreams with toys is very important. If we know the interpretations and remember the dreams, we will know how to face the situation in which we are entering and that our subconscious is not allowing us to give the maximum.

On the other hand, some of the dreams with toys represent joys and good news. Therefore, taking into account all aspects of dreams is extremely important so that we can interpret the dream correctly without confusing its meanings or what it represents. We recommend you to continue reading this article so that you can make the interpretation of your dream with toys yourself.



Dreaming about toys brings with it many meanings. But in a general view it is that we miss our life as children. Sometimes, adult life brings with it many burdens. So missing happiness and being carefree is most common. This dream may also indicate that you are having a stressful time in your life. It is very common that, if we dream of toys, we are going through times of stress, worries, anxiety and debts.

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If you have dreamed of toys, but you are in a moment of fullness in your life, it is because good news is coming. Moments full of happiness together with your family are coming to you. In addition, they can also mean that a baby will soon arrive in the family. If we have been waiting for a baby in our family, if you have this dream, it is coming soon.

Dreaming of used toys

Dreams with used toys, are directly linked to our economic status. It may be an omen that difficult times will come economically speaking. But these times will pass, never let this feeling invade you. You will overcome all obstacles and you will be able to have the time and money to dedicate and invest in good times for you and your family.

Dreaming of new toys

This dream is linked to happiness and the arrival of a new member of the family. If in your dream you find yourself playing with them, it is because a baby will surely arrive soon to the family. On the other hand, if in the dream scenario, there are many people playing with new toys, it is because there will be moments of happiness for all members of your family.

Dreaming of new toys can also represent that after a long time you have managed to take your mind off your worries and you have some time in your life to pamper yourself. If you live a very hectic life and you have this dream, surely, moments of seeing the fruits of your labor are coming.

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Dreaming of children’s toys

This dream represents that we are longing for our life as children. Somehow or another, we want to escape our adult life. There is no need for us to worry. Sometimes, we just have to learn to cope with the adult life we have. It’s time to take things seriously and face all obstacles to better ourselves.

This dream is also often given in the context that a new member of our family is approaching. But, it is necessary to know how to interpret well the toys that we choose and with which we are playing. It is likely that you dream that you play with children’s toys with a baby or a child. In that case it is because we want a child in the family.

Dreaming of many toys

To dream of many toys makes it clear that moments of abundance are about to come to our life. Surely these moments will come because of the effort and work in which we have been immersed for some time. It is time to enjoy all the benefit obtained by that. Take a vacation, pamper yourself and enjoy this time that is about to come into your life.

Dreaming of buying toys

This dream is because we are at a time when we are expecting a son or daughter. Depending on the toys we buy, we will be able to know if we want it to be female or male. It is also common for this dream to occur when we have a little neglected our children due to our adult life. But don’t worry, you will find the time to share with your children and give back all that time you were busy.

Dreaming about sex toys

This dream is of an adult nature. But not so much related to sexual in some cases. If you have dreamed that you are playing with sex toys alone, it is because you feel you are capable of self-pleasure and can be independent and self-sufficient. You are a person who has grown up and learned to cope with your adult life without losing sense of how important it is to be yourself.

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On the other hand, if you have dreamed that you are playing with sex toys with your partner. It is because the relationship has become routine and you would like to experience new things. It’s time to reignite the spark in your relationship and take some time to pamper each other.

Dreaming of old toys

This dream represents that you miss your life as a child. When we dream that we play with old toys, we are clearly in a time of many worries, stress and anxiety of our adult life. This dream is common among young people with responsibilities. We have to learn to manage this stage of our life, to take advantage of it and reach our full potential as people.

Dreaming of baby toys

This indicates that we wish to have a baby. In some cases it is an omen that we will have a child soon. It is important that you notice if the toys are for a boy or a girl to know the sex of the child that we wish to have or that we may possibly have.

Dreaming of broken toys

Broken toys are meanings of pain. When we are children, breaking a toy is terrible for us. We may be feeling that our life is coming apart at the seams. But don’t worry, these are tough situations, but you have to find support to keep pushing yourself forward in your life.