Do you really know what it means to dream about turtles? Although turtles are animals that transmit peace and are somewhat slow, when it comes to an oneiric interpretation of these kinds of dreams they can be conditioned by different meanings. Have you recently been watching different reports that had to do with these reptiles?

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Video about Dreaming of turtles

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Have you seen the pet turtle your neighbor has recently? If your answer is yes, it would be a dream completely conditioned by these events and in that case the interpretation will have no validity.



Similarly, dreaming of small turtles or giant turtles is not the same, their meaning varies, the same happens when you dream that they swim in the water or walk on land, if they are white turtles or green turtles, if they appear dead or are alive, if they act peacefully or are totally aggressive. Are you ready? Well, we’ll dig deep into a detailed sleep analysis and explain each case to you in the most specific way possible.

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It is important that you also take into account the fact that the interpretation can be conditioned according to the place where you live, this is because in some regions of the world the turtle is an element of its gastronomic culture and recipes are prepared with it. If you are a frequent consumer of this type of reptiles, you are likely to shop to dream about turtles frequently. On the other hand, if you have no relationship with this type of animal, you are likely to face certain problems of introspection.

Dream of small turtles

When the turtle is small, it is essential that you observe the rest of its characteristics well so that you can have a clear oniric interpretation. A secret that will help you distinguish the size of the turtle will be the feeling that your mind brings to you when you wake up.

Dream of dead turtles

It is very common that dreaming of dead turtles becomes a very distressing nightmare. This reflects that you have a rather fragile character, you hardly refuse the proposals of others which ends up being a long-term problem. You are an easy person to convince or influence to carry out actions that you do not like, since the shell of a dead turtle is very different from that of a living turtle.

The best way to eliminate this nightmare is by visiting a psychologist who can guide you in the reform of your being, to strengthen you in the face of attacks from people who only want to take advantage of you. You can also go to your closest trusted friends, parents, or partner and discuss your concerns.

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However, when in the dream you see turtles bite you, attack you, are aggressive or even try to kill you, and you fight them to defend you, until you end them, that means you are a person able to solve by their own strength any problem that faces you. So you’re a strong, brave person.

Dream of giant turtles

One of the most common interpretations of dreaming about turtles is the reflection of a silent personality, very serious. Since turtles have a strengthened shell, this is indicative that your mind has a similar character.

When you have dreams about big-sized turtles, it means that the above things happen with greater force. You’re too quiet and serious. You don’t like to share your intimacies, even with those close to you. The giant animal intensifies the original explanation.

Dream of baby turtles

In case they are being born or are babies, it means that you want to conceive a baby with your partner. The birth of an animal reflects the need to bring a new life into the world. It’s the same when you dream of turtles that reproduce, mate or are giving birth, you want to consummate your sentimental relationship by adding a new member to the family.

Dreaming water turtles

Dreaming of turtles swimming in the sea reflects freedom. It means you need to take a vacation to get some fresh air and forget the routine for a while. Even more so when you see the turtle swim freely with fish. Study the idea of pausing in your life and traveling to the countryside or the mountain to renew your mind.

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