Visions with underwear refer to the most personal things. Your beliefs, desires and thoughts. These can be negative or positive, but they are all things that you have inside of you. You can choose to keep those things to yourself or share them. You should not feel ashamed of what other people may think. That is why when dreaming about panties, you should ask yourself if your problems are too personal to share with anyone.

On the other hand, dreams with panties also represent feelings of attraction to someone. Is there someone you constantly think about? Maybe it’s time for you to tell him or her. In a negative context, underwear may present something you feel guilty about. Are you worried about something being known that you are not proud of? What color was the underwear? This may provide additional meaning to your dream.

The feelings around this type of dream interpretation will be very important. Sometimes getting everything we feel out is liberating and healthy. In this case, underwear in a dream can also symbolize the freedom you feel when you do, expose yourself and face the world with confidence. Without worrying about how other people perceive you.



If you have dreamed of underwear it represents your most personal beliefs or desires, hidden attitudes and prejudices. In another context, panties represent your personal viewpoint towards sex or the sexual attraction you feel towards someone.

In a negative scenario, panties in a dream may reflect problems that are too personal to express. Even anxiety or fear of being ashamed of your true feelings or fear of being caught guilty or «red-handed». However, this interpretation may vary when we analyze other elements below.

Dreaming of dirty underwear

To see dirty underwear in dreams represents discomfort with our own body and feelings of inadequacy. You may feel uncomfortable with your sexuality and also very self-conscious about something embarrassing. Also, it may be a sign that you have self-destructive beliefs that interfere with your personal goals or interests.

Dreaming of white underwear

White panties in a dream symbolize that you should be more demanding when establishing a friendship or romantic relationship with another person. At the same time, the color of this type of underwear portends positive changes in your intimate life or that you will soon have a new partner.

Dreaming of new underwear

If in a dream you had the opportunity to see new underwear, it foretells that you should value the relationship you are currently in. You have thought of cheating to satisfy your selfish desires. This dream can refer to both your current partner and your friends. It is a kind of replacement of an object or person with something new.

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Dreaming of red underwear

The dream of red underwear promises a new, spicy and fun romance for your life. This vision also speaks of rekindling the flame that is extinct or almost extinguished in terms of your sex life. Undoubtedly, a color that invites us to joy, passion and creativity.

Dreaming of blue underwear

To dream of blue underwear indicates feeling optimistic. This dream foretells that you will live a moment that will fill you with joy, pride and happiness, but only if you know how to keep a positive attitude. You must make the best of things and look for the good in bad situations.

To dream of pooped underwear

If the panties were pooped inside your dream, it is possible that you feel uncomfortable with yourself. And that in addition, you believe that you are not worthy than those around you. If this is the case, ask yourself what you can do to feel it again. Work on a personal level is indispensable at this time.

Dreaming about bloody underwear

Seeing bloody underpants in your dream represents that you are always complaining about your past problems. This attitude is bringing you difficulties in the present, and it is also affecting you and your family members. You must move on with your life and leave your past behind in order to be happy.

Dreaming of girl’s underwear

Those who dream of girl’s panties are handling somewhat unattainable aspirations. You must learn to recognize your abilities and what you are capable of, based on this adapt your goals to what you can do. Little by little you will improve and be able to set more ambitious goals.

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To dream of underwear stretched out

To dream of underpants hanging down predicts that you will make money in the near future. Also, it predicts that your business could increase exponentially in terms of profitability. This will give you great relief or satisfaction in real life, and allow you to indulge in some treats from time to time.

To dream of torn underwear

Torn panties in a dream vision are often considered a harbinger of trouble. If you are wearing such underwear, it is likely that you will soon experience embarrassment or humiliation in your workplace. This symbol has also been linked to concerns about the health and well-being of older members of your family, such as grandparents or great-grandparents.

Dreaming of yellow underwear

Having dreams related to yellow underwear is an indication that you should take a carefree attitude. Stay carefree and focus on a more cheerful attitude towards life, as stress is eating you up. In another context, this dream may indicate that you are going to put effort into a project that your superiors will not appreciate.

To dream of women’s underwear

To dream of women’s underwear in your dream suggests that you are in a lucky time for love life. If you have a love and you have not yet confessed it is the time to do it. If you want to propose to your partner, perhaps this is the moment you have been waiting for. Go out into the world and face your feelings because destiny will be by your side.