Has it ever happened to you to dream of urinating? Do you remember if in the dream you saw someone do it or it was you who did it? Sure you gave more importance, as do almost all people. And that is that dreaming of this is one of the most frequent dreams that most of us have surely had. It can even happen more than once a week.

Also, it’s one of the most neglected dreams there is, few people really pay attention to it. But did you know that this particular dream could be talking about your life or way of being? Then consider the following.

The simple act of urinating denotes having control, in this case of our sphincters. So dreaming about doing this could be talking about whether or not we have control over our lives. It has a lot to do with being able to carry emotions with righteousness and trust. Of not being exasperated and being carried away by circumstances.

In the same way, it may be telling you that you need to take something out of your life. Think of the fact that through urine we dispose of toxic substances, bacteria and useless material. It’s a natural process that allows us to clean up the organism.

So what you might be going through with your urine dream is just that. You need to cleanse your whole body, mind and soul of something that’s been troubling you lately. You may not even recognize what the problem is, but I assure you, if you look a little inside your head, you will find it.

Believe it or not, this is a dream that is very common among young and old children. For the same feeling of not being able to anticipate the desire. However, this also happens in adults. And for everyone, this really has to do with not wanting to be embarrassed. The fear of urinating on or wetting the bed translates to fear of being humiliated.

But this is just one of the interpretations offered by this dream vision. There are many more, but you must analyze them, as well as the scenario in which your dream is realized. These two factors must be associated with how your current life is emotionally, mentally and spiritually.



As mentioned above, this dream can be as common as it is repetitive. For the vast majority, it is simply the reflection of wanting to go to the bathroom. Therefore, it is no wonder that immediately after this dream you wake up feeling the bladder burst. It is normal, and is similar to dream with the urge to vomit. Similarly, people who have trouble urinating, for any reason, may have these dreams repeatedly. This is also true for those who are scheduled to go to the bathroom at certain times.

However, this dream may have to do with feeling liberation. It’s true that when you’ve put up with it and peed, you have a great sense of relief. So, if you look at this from an oneiric point of view, you will know that it speaks of spiritual liberation. You may have been involved in a fight, but you finally figured it out. Or you ended up paying off a big debt you had a long time ago. These are all good feelings that make you feel better.

However, if your dream of urinating comes suddenly, you have to take into account what happened during it. Since this will tell you whether or not it’s a problem. In this space you will find useful information about this topic. So keep reading so you can discover the meaning of dreaming about urine.

Dream of urinating blood

Seeing blood in dreams is not a good omen; it almost always indicates dangers or problems, and this is no exception. Dreaming that you piss blood signals that there will be upcoming fights in the family, which can cause them to distance themselves for a long time. There’s someone in your family core that you’re going to discuss a matter with, and it won’t end very well.

This also applies easily to your social circle, there may be problems with some very dear friendship. This situation is going to cause you to split up, and most likely, pitifully, it cannot be solved. Or at least not now, everyone involved needs to have their space to calm down and clarify their ideas. This is important, so whatever is said during this dispute could mark anyone. On the bright side, this could be a warning. So, keep that in mind so you don’t do anything you regret later.

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It is also associated with you going through a period of significant stress and distress. You feel the body exhausted and sore. You might need more than a couple of days to recover. What you live is not easy and you know it.

Dream of urinating too much

In this dream, it is not the most worrying. Urinating a lot is symbolizing that you’re living a lot of excesses right now. You’re leading life very quickly and carelessly. You’re not paying attention to your sleep schedules, you work too hard, you go out every night, or you eat a lot of junk food. Whatever it is, your body starts to get upset, and he wants you to start eliminating the toxic as soon as you can.

With these excesses, you can also refer to the fact that from so many slopes you are neglecting your family and social life. If you’re married, your partner’s not very happy, feels like you’re neglecting her. You need to slow down a little bit and realize that the other things are also important.

Dream of urinating in bed

This dream is one of the most talked about you. It indicates that you’re someone who can’t control your emotions. When you get angry, you lose your temper and talk about the first thing you can think of, for the sole purpose of hurting. You don’t realize this could be costing you money. There are friends and loved ones who already resent it and are not comfortable with you.

It’s also a sign that you’re not in control of your life. You’re letting things get out of their frame and you don’t know how to handle them. You need more maturity in your day to day and not make important decisions so quickly. This can bring many problems, especially at work.

Dream of urinating

If in your dream you felt a lot like urinating, but you couldn’t do it, it means you’re in trouble. Especially when it comes to your personal accomplishments. And the interesting thing about the case is that you’re going to make the trouble. You feel stuck and you can’t move on, but the truth is, you’re the one stopping you. Your insecurity and lack of seriousness in decision-making will seriously affect you. Unless you act promptly.

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This is also the most common in the vast majority. It may only reflect that your time to go to the bathroom is approaching. Maybe you went to bed without urinating and now your body needs to go urgently. Strangely enough, this works as an alarm mechanism for many people. Because the body tends to associate the urge to urinate with the early hours of dawn. It is common in older people who suffer from incontinence, because they are afraid to wet the bed.

Dream of urinating in public

This dream can be very interesting. He’s telling you you’re missing your privacy. Looks like you’ve been sharing a lot with a lot of people, and now everyone has something to say about you. You may be getting advice you didn’t ask for and you don’t want to, but you don’t know how to say no. It’s probably your family, who’s getting too involved in your business and you don’t want to be rude to them. You have to face this situation soon, because it’s overwhelming you.

On the other hand, it might mean you have something in store that you wanted to say. There’s some information in your possession that you need to make public. It may be good or bad. Maybe it’s an important confession or a statement without much relevance. But you’ll still have this dream until you feel liberated.

Dreaming of watching someone pee

This dream is very interesting, since it has two reasons. The first is that if watching this person urinate, no matter whether he is a man or a woman, you feel disgusted, it indicates rejection. But not from you or to you. You’re going to suffer some contempt recently, a person you’re interested in isn’t going to agree with you. This doesn’t just mean something sentimental, it can be in the work or circle of friendships.

On the other hand, if in the dream you feel sexual desire, it can mean that you like someone. And you can’t stand the urge to tell him anymore. Of course, it all depends on your current situation.