Volcanoes are majestic mountains with lava inside. This can be seen in a very representative way for dreams. You’ve probably wondered what it means to dream of volcanoes or have had a dream concerning volcanoes. Here we will tell you exactly what you need to know in order to interpret your dream. Volcanoes symbolize the weakness we present in terms of the higher forces around us. So dreaming of a volcano can bring us feelings of helplessness, frustration and fear. But this is not all.

Volcanoes in dreams can mean omens and positive representations as well. Looking at it from another point of view, you can dream of a volcano erupting and it can mean that you are bringing out what was dormant in you. This may speak of all your potential and what we had inside that we have now decided to show to everyone else.

Dreams with volcanoes can represent great explosions that occur within us. These explosions that are feelings that are repressed and we let out in a situation. They can speak of strong emotions, good or bad. In some cases they are associated with sexual desires or carnal instincts. It is important to recognize all aspects of the dream so that we can interpret our dream with a volcano and thus know what the dream we had meant.

Sometimes, explosions can be devastating in dreams and therefore, it is good to pay attention. These strong emotions can represent the good feelings that end up with the bad ones and are stronger or vice versa. These changes produced somewhere with the explosion of a volcano can be very much associated with the changes that are taking place in our lives at that moment. Therefore, you should be very attentive to what happens in your dreams and in your life.


With a general connotation, dreaming of a volcano represents the feelings that we have been repressing and that at that moment have to resurface. In our dreams, those feelings are represented as the lava inside the volcano. Depending on the circumstances of our lives, dreaming of a volcano represents good or bad omens. We have to know for this reason the feelings that we have been repressing to avoid or recognize that it is about to explode inside us.

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Dreams with volcanoes can also serve as a warning to situations that we have been overlooking but that in a certain way have been creating an inner conflict. These situations can be love, work or family. Let’s not let feelings take us by surprise by causing a disaster in our lives.

When dreaming of a volcano is related to feelings and emotions that we have been reserving in our subconscious. It is clear that these emotions can become more painful or intense. So it is possible that they make us have a moment of decay or explosion in which all our emotions will be affected, in addition, it will also affect our life and that of the people around us. Be very careful with these dreams, because if you identify them in time, you will be able to act in a better way in certain situations.

To dream of an erupting volcano

To dream of a volcano erupting is symbolic of feelings within you that will soon arise to make a change to yourself and all around you. Keep in mind that volcanoes when they erupt bring devastating results to everything around it. But don’t worry, it may simply be that the feelings that are about to erupt are good ones. On the other hand, what may be difficult to cope with will be the changes that will occur in your life from that moment on. Having a dream like this should be interpreted carefully as within the interpretation of volcano dreams there can be many meanings that we may overlook if we do not take into account the ambit of our lives at the time the dream occurs.

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Dreams with volcano and lava

This dream has a similar interpretation to that of an erupting volcano. But in this case the lava will cause irreparable damage. These damages can be for you and for the people around you. But they will be necessary to reach the situation where all the negative will be detached from you. If you carry a lot of repressed negative feelings with you, it is better to be aware of what is going on around you and prevent that lava from consuming everything that has blossomed around you. Sometimes, carrying around loads of negative feelings can be very strong for us and will irremediably cause harm when we let them go.

Dreaming of snow-capped volcano

Snow-capped volcanoes are a spectacle for the eyes and for nature. Their beauty is widely contemplated by people. However, in dreams they are represented as omens of positive feelings that begin to take hold within us. This dream can represent that we are falling in love or getting illusioned and we are afraid that this feeling may become bigger inside us and may grow so much as to ruin everything. We do not have to be afraid of strong emotions, we just have to let them flow at the right time.

Dreams with inactive volcano

This dream makes it clear that we are repressing some feelings for fear of expressing them. If we do not express our feelings we could create a great chain of feelings capable of exploding at any moment damaging the people around us. This dream usually occurs in situations where we omit our feelings out of fear. The best thing to do is to let our feelings flow so that they can express themselves in the right way. Repressing feelings only brings negative consequences for us. To have an excessive control of our feelings is not so good, we have to get closer to what we feel to be able to control everything in the best way.

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Dreaming of volcano and ash

This dream represents that we have been causing damage around us because of the feelings we have repressed and that we are clouding our sight. In a certain way, we are covering everything with ashes and we are not clear about anything. It is important to take into account everything that is happening at this moment in our life to avoid clouding our actions. Even if we do not express our feelings, they can cloud our actions and make them a bit negative. It is time to prevent those feelings from taking over and take control of our lives to be in a better situation with ourselves.

Dreams with volcanoes and rocks

Normally when a volcano is active, it can cause rock falls on its hill. This is very common with volcanoes. When we dream that a volcano causes rocks to collapse, it is representative that we are letting our feelings overthrow our mood or our life. We have to manage to control our feelings to prevent them from becoming negative causing depression or sadness. This dream can also be an omen that we can no longer hold the repressed feelings and that we must let them out as soon as possible to avoid causing a disaster. Letting feelings flow is always the best way to generate a positive change in our lives.