Dreams are doors to our subconscious, but it is said that they are also doors to a third eye that sees everything, in the same way, we can interpret what we dream and fit them into the meaning of our day to day. Dreams make us embody memories, thoughts and situations of our daily life, with them all feelings and emotions are expressed, both positive and negative.

On the other hand, we don’t always dream, but when we do we have to be very attentive to them, as it may be that our subconscious is trying to communicate something to us. Yes, that’s how it can be.

The omens that are embodied in our dreams are quite specific according to the situation in which we find ourselves, when we dream of something, we must take into account all the circumstances, the whole environment and where it is happening so that we can correctly identify what that dream means.

This time we will talk about the meaning of dreaming about water, we usually have those dreams linked to water, but ojo, is not always associated with fear of sharks, the meaning can vary a lot depending on the color of the water, the situation and the other factors that are forming the dream environment.



This kind of dream tends to be linked to everything spiritual, to our stay in the mother’s womb and our desire to meet again in the amniotic sac, but this is not always, water as well as being a conductor for the transfer of energies, is a symbol of life, abundance, fecundity and feelings.  That is why we must know how to interpret our dreams with water, it is very important, because it is quite linked to the most important aspects of our lives.

Emotions are clearly demonstrated in dreams when it comes to water, depending on its color, clarity and fluidity, it will dictate a clear example of how we are feeling, dreaming of water does not always go entirely linked to feelings, but later we will talk about it. There are many meanings of water to which we will go so that we can master the subject in its entirety.

Dreaming of water

When you dream of dirty water, it tends to represent that your feelings are a little murky, plus you must consider your social environment at that time, someone may be hurting you and bringing negative energies to your life, dirty water represents evil, corruption and fraud. Very close with this.

Dream of clean water

When you dream of clean water it is a good omen, it usually represents fertility and renewal of the spirit, although it can also represent renewal in other aspects of your life, if you are looking for a baby and dream of water, it is the great opportunity to try to conceive. On the other hand the water the more crystalline it is, the better omen it brings.

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Dreaming of a lot of water

Dreaming of a lot of water is also an omen of fertility, but you have to take into account how the water is, if it is crystal clear and in a controlled environment like a lake, a pool or a river, or if it is disproportionate amounts like a sea, you must always consider how it makes you feel in sleep, you may have some kind of water phobia that may worry you in your sleep.

Dream of crystalline water

Crystalline water can represent the unconscious and emotional state of our feelings and our spirit, also of our mind, so watch out for this, crystalline water is something quite positive, so we will generally interpret it as life, renewal, purification and cleansing, depending on the amount we can know if it represents abundance.

Dream of sea water

Dreaming of sea water is quite linked to our true state of mind, in those dreams it is easy to detect how we find ourselves and how we feel, our emotions will be well highlighted depending on how the water is, if it is a crystal clear sea, we are serene, if it is a troubled sea surely there are things that worry us, we do not have to think much, we have to interpret the dream with seawater in a simple way.

Dream of cloudy water

Dreaming of cloudy water can mean several things, the interpretation of cloudy water can mean an emotional control, when the emotions are a little altered and you are confused by what is happening in your life, on the other hand, it can also bring an omen of diseases that you may have or that you are just having but of which you are not aware.

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Dream of running water

Dreaming of running water is an omen of the future, so it will also depend on the color and consistency, usually we dream of clean water like waterfalls, that means that we have good news for everything that involves the spiritual and the positive aspects of our lives. Watch out for dreams where we see dirty water running, this could mean trouble ahead.

Dreaming of water flood

Dreaming of floods has a negative meaning, it represents emotions, problems and tensions, both emotional and family, judicial and all that may arise. These emotions are usually repressed, causing a feeling of despair and distress.

Dream of stagnant water

Dreams with stagnant water can mean a symbol of the need for change in our lives, usually when we are under stress, or simply stagnant. We will have these recurring dreams, water cannot remain in one place because it is filled with impurities, for Spirit and emotions, we find the same process, we have to cleanse ourselves frequently to avoid stagnation that leads us from dragging us into emotions like anger, depression and low self-esteem.

Stagnant water may also be representing the betrayal of someone close to you, so be very careful with that, if we dream of stagnant water we have to identify very well the aspects of our life in order not to make a misinterpretation.