When we dream, we enter a deep trance that takes us beyond the reality we perceive physically. According to psychology, we have access to the subconscious. A state in which we are not aware of the emotions that come to the surface when we sleep. Dreams sometimes alert us about events that are about to happen in our lives. And it is for that reason, that knowing their meaning can help us to solve some problems. For example, when dreaming of wood, the world of nature is revealed and there are many interpretations.

Dreams with wood are almost always presented in a context associated with nature because it is an element of mother earth. It can be considered within the mid-range dreams, since on average at some point in life we can have it. Usually, wood is presented in its natural state, robust and unmodified. However, it can be presented together with other materials such as metals or precious stones. Also, it can be combined with water, fire, air or earth to acquire other meanings.

For the oriental culture, the elements of nature have a direct influence on individuals. Even astrology through the Chinese horoscope classifies the signs of the zodiac into animals with characteristics of wood, metal, etc. Dreams with wood in a general way, can mean that you work hard to give a good life to your family. Also, it is a call to transmute negative energies that are affecting a goal.



According to the Chinese, if you have dreamed of wood it could mean that there are serious problems ahead. This could be a loss of financial resources, or an illness associated with allergies or colds. Wood represents creativity. So you should study all the objects in the dream as such, so that context will help drive the interpretation. For example, if you dream that wood is consumed in flames as a kind of bonfire, it means that you are blocking your imagination.

Wood is a very useful material, and is almost always used in construction. Therefore, it is common to have a dream vision with wood in different environments. If we see stacked wood, it means that we are full of warmth and love for others. For the Catholic Church, wood was considered an element that transmitted spiritual connection. For with it, we could build homes, make fire to give warmth to our families and even carve objects that served as souvenirs for our loved ones.

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Dreaming of carved wood

If you dreamed of carved wood, you should pay attention to the objects you made with it. Perhaps you did not make them yourself, but they appeared already made or were made by someone else. Whatever the case, carved wood is a symbol of our most deeply rooted customs and beliefs. Those moral values that our parents forged in the family, and that today we transmit to our children. Therefore, the complementary meaning of the dream will be given by the carved wooden object as such.

In the same way, to dream of carved wood is a sign of having a very developed intuition. Even those who dream of it often experience paranormal situations. Because wood is a bridge between the spiritual and the physical, it provides direct divine protection from angels to the one who dreams of it. The words that best describe this dream: longevity, knowledge and wisdom.

Dreams with rotten wood

When we dream of rotten wood, we have a strange feeling when we wake up. This is an unusual dream, sometimes somewhat difficult to decipher and enigmatic. Wood is a material that needs to be worked to shape. But if it is rotten, it means you are going through a period of insecurity and uncertainty. You may be feeling a bit depressed and unwilling to go on, due to some problem. For that reason, rotten wood reflects your current mood.

Usually, the interpretation of dreams with rotten wood is associated with unfinished or stalled projects. The good news is that these are temporary situations that will not last forever. Therefore, you should not grieve. On the contrary, the invitation of wood as a universal symbol is to give shape to that dream or undertaking. Do not lose heart, be constant and keep moving forward, and your dreams with this material will completely change your perspective.

Dreaming of burned wood

Dreaming of burned wood means that we are having trouble expressing our feelings. The dream message of burning wood is the inability to say what we feel towards another person. Possibly, we have had problems in the past with it or we are going through a fight or difficult situation. The flames and fire consume the wood just as our words burn without coming out.

If on the other hand you are not having a situation like the above, the meaning of dreaming of burned wood is a good omen. Firewood is mainly associated with wealth in dreams, with earning money and economic prosperity. In ancient times, people prepared for the winter with provisions of wood in their homes. This guaranteed them a comfortable stay inside their homes. Therefore, burnt wood is associated with good fortune.

Dreaming with wood and nails

When interpreting a dream where we see wood and nails, we immediately associate it with Jesus of Nazareth on the cross. However, the meaning is twofold. If we see wood with nails in it, it is a warning to our self-esteem. Hurting ourselves or judging ourselves too much may be unintentionally affecting our emotions. We must give ourselves permission to be imperfect, and stop trying to control things that do not depend on us.

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As a second meaning of dreaming of wood with nails, we have a message related to sexuality. The archetype related to the nails, gives a sexual touch to the interpretation that also joins the emotional. It is possible that we are living an intense event with someone special and our subconscious reflects it in the dream. Far from being something negative, this dream is highly beneficial.

Dreaming of moth-eaten wood

When we dream of moth-eaten wood, we should pay attention to the message that moths give us. These tiny animals are messengers of news related to the sixth sense. They invite us to listen to our intuition and to have faith and devotion in our life. Perhaps, it is a possible warning that you have not recognized your feelings, and you may even have felt lately that you have lost connection with your inner self.

Dreaming of cedar wood

According to the Celts, if you dreamt of cedar wood it means that your sentimental relationships with friends, family and partners are strong. Cedar in Celtic culture, was a symbol of strength, life and emotions. Its bark is used as incense, to cleanse and purify the air and mind. Cedar wood is often used in the construction of houses and the manufacture of boats. Therefore, according to the Kabbalah, cedar represents the practical side of our nature. So, it denotes that you are a down-to-earth person and may even need to take some time to restore your balance.

The cedar for the Celts, was the guardian of the western spirits, as it is an evergreen tree. Because of this, it is associated with feelings and relationships with others. To dream of cedar wood then, also means that we are people with great maturity. In addition, because this wood comes from a tree, it symbolizes new beginnings, development of projects and desires come true. Therefore, paths can be opened if we join efforts with someone close to us.

Dreaming of dry wood

To see dry wood in a dream means that everything will be in order at work. Your work will return to normal, and you will be able to continue with your routine without problems. The dry state of wood and even grass is for Islam a prediction of financial success. As a rule, when they dry they acquire the characteristic color of gold in metal. And the prediction, warns that in a short time you will see the results of hard work or some business or project that was launched long ago.

To dream of dry firewood, also refers to the fact that it is the right time to launch an idea. Either in the area of money, health or love. Sometimes, we put aside our dreams because we think they are not convenient yet. Worse yet, we do nothing to achieve them under the misconception that they won’t work. For the universe the time is perfect, and the dry wood makes us an invitation to throw ourselves into the void with the promise that we will have favorable results.

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Dreaming with broken wood

The dream visions with broken wood go beyond the symbolism of the element as such. It is not common to dream of a broken and splintered piece of wood or firewood. On the contrary, what is frequent is to see broken wooden stairs, houses made of wood with perforations, etc. For that reason, we should pay attention to the broken wooden object. However, the general meaning of broken firewood in any of its presentations is associated with sentimental breakups. So you should pay attention to your current relationship, because it may be cracking.

Dreaming of pine wood

Trees have ancestral meanings and are highly respected symbols in some cultures. Therefore, if you dreamed of pine wood, we must analyze the characteristics of its origin. This type of wood indicates longevity, that is to say, the cosmos announces to the dreamer that he will have a long life. Let’s remember that the pine is a majestic and beautiful tree, which has the ability to help with the recovery of people’s health. So who dreams pine wood, has a tremendous charisma and a very great energy to achieve all its purposes.

Dreaming with black wood

Dreaming of black wood was very common in the Middle Ages. The lush forests absent of light, caused that effect on firewood. And for that reason, people thought that there was a type of wood of that color. To dream of black or dark wood means that you feel a little lost in life. If you see it in a forest, it represents that you can’t find your way. Forests are large and complex, and if you get lost in the dark, it is because you need a break to relax and think about where to go.

Dreaming of planked wood

When we dream of something made of wood, it is because we have the conviction that something we are doing will give good results. However, deep down we also know that it is not something permanent. That is why when dreaming of wood in boards, the subconscious alerts us that this event will be replaceable and we should not cling to it. Even, this dream can warn us about people who make us feel very good but will not stay forever. That is, we must be attentive to feelings about strong relationships or friendships, which may leave.