In previous posts, we have talked about what dreams really are and how this nocturnal activity can become so relevant and powerful for us.

For through these projections while we are asleep, they reveal important aspects of ourselves. Our psyche is always sending us messages in a covert way so as not to generate even more significant discomfort.

Dreams are loaded with that unconscious part of us and uses as resources the emotions, our fears and phobias to be able to come out and have prominence as our conscious life.

The purpose of dreams is not only to let out that unconscious part and take center stage and the simple escape of those emotions that generate conflicts for us, these dreams are loaded with important connotations.

This is why it is important to interpret and analyze our dream life; as these representations are fed by our fears or phobias, dreams are always loaded with everyday elements.

Such elements can be animals, situations, places, environments, objects and even people. The projections in which certain animals are the protagonists, are those that awaken more intrigue in us. Especially when these animals are exotic or uncommon species, at the same time, these animals awaken certain rejection from us towards them.

When in our dreams, we see snakes involved, it gives us a completely bad omen, however, this is not always true.


To dream of a yellow snake has a meaning related to the emotional intensity of the dreamer, reveals his enthusiasm, and is closely related to aspects such as fortune and abundance, that for the positive aspect. Likewise, dreaming of yellow snakes speaks of your intuitive aspect, yellow is a bright and very vibrant color, it can also relate to your inner light.

On the negative side, dreaming of a yellow snake is related to lack of decision or courage to face challenges. To dream of yellow snakes, in general terms represents energy, being thriving, vitality, there is the willingness and desire to carry out your private affairs.

At the same time, dreaming of yellow snakes can give you the assurance that things will be favorable for you. For many, dreaming of yellow snakes is a symbol of fortune and wealth; as the color yellow resembles the color of gold.

However, if your dream includes other situations, if the snake’s attitude is defensive against you and seeks to harm you, it may be related to hesitation, indecision, lack of initiative to take charge and new responsibilities.

How to interpret dreams correctly? As you can see, there are no specific definitions of these dreams, to really have them will depend on the amount of details that you remember from your dream.

To be able to perform this type of analysis, you must prepare yourself so that it comes out in the best possible way, find a space for yourself, which you can dedicate to this and to reflect on it. Make analogies of your dream with your reality, each of the aspects of your dream is related to an aspect of your life, only in a more discreet way, pay attention to that.

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Keep in mind the stage of your current life, when making these analogies, do not leave aside the stage you are going through, your work environment, personal relationships and the ambit of your home; maybe that message you want to decipher from your dreams is your own reality.


Dreaming of snakes has its pros and cons. This specimen in general terms, represents: betrayal, conflicts, your greatest fears and is related to health.

However, this type of dreams become warning messages, their content tells you that you should stay alert or take care of your health, stay away from certain people, control and face those fears you have.

That in general terms, remember that the exact interpretation of your dream varies, since all aspects of how this projection unfolds influence and must be taken into account. Since each of these details will give more sense to the interpretation and the clearer the message you should get.

In previous posts to this one, you will find more detailed information and the meaning of the most common dreams with snakes, so you will know exactly what they are warning you about.

This type of dreams should not be taken as a nightmare no matter how close it is, because although these animals are not what most inspire feelings of comfort, in the past, they represented wisdom and for certain cultures this is still the case.

If you have this type of dreams on a recurring basis, it is best that you pay more attention to what your psyche and your unconscious are trying to express, since snakes can also represent, depending on the context of your dream, that you are in danger or that you appreciate a situation as threatening.

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Aside from what a snake may cause you in reality, dreaming about these colorful snakes makes them a little more enjoyable. This, in itself, speaks to your capacity for creativity and your level of imagination.

Before, we were talking about what it meant in general terms to dream of yellow snakes; in this one that generality does not change, however, seeing them in colors adds more interest to its interpretation.

Colors have the ability to transmit something to us, it has been revealed that certain colors promote tranquility, attract light and freshness to certain spaces, as there are other colors that wake us up, which are constantly stimulating.

So if you have had a dream with snakes, in which you visualize them in colors that are striking, read on.

The colors of the reptile are usually given the connotation that they are a reflection of the mood of the dreamer, for example: blue, reflects emotional calm. White can be attributed to wisdom and peace. Black, sadness. Red, passion, lust and is a warning. Brown, manipulation. Gray: uncertainty. Gold: money. Among others.