Dreaming about your daughter is very common, but it hides great meanings. Children are the representation of the parents’ success. Each child represents the upbringing, education and what their parents can give them in order to become better people. This desire carries over into dreams, where your daughter is used to deliver a message to you.

Generally, dreams with daughters are good luck. For many people their girls are the meaning of waking up every morning to work and bring the best things home. In addition, it is a way of personal motivation that fathers, especially men, acquire to become protective.

Dreams about your daughter become nightmares when something bad happens to them. However, the interpretation of these episodes is very different from what it seems. Sometimes, it is only fears for their safety, TV news and violence rates that end up worrying us.


There are several meanings of these dreams. One example is to dream that you are your daughter’s age, which is interpreted as the need to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, as they will probably take time to reappear. It is a sign that you should be ready for new challenges and changes. However, there are other scenarios where you can dream of daughter, which will have different interpretations.

Dreaming of my daughter

To dream of your daughter is good luck. It usually represents all the goodness of being a parent, especially when your life is full of problems. It is a reminder that there is a reason to keep going and never give up. Dreams of your own daughter represent happiness, although they also warn of some problems that may come your way.

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If you dream of your daughter it is likely that someone is taking advantage of a weakness of yours to attack you. It is a way of showing you vulnerable, since your daughter is a representation of the most tender and delicate thing in your life. But, dreaming of one of your daughters also portends success and happiness.

It is a dream that shows you are someone who is always open to changes that cause positive things in your life. Normally, it indicates that good news will come, although it also foretells that something important in your life will happen too fast.

Dreams with pregnant daughter

To dream that your daughter is pregnant foretells that she will soon need your help. Regardless of whether or not she is currently pregnant, she will soon need her father’s help to overcome problems. Now, if your daughter is an adult, it will probably be the mother who will be the first to find out, so if you are the father you should ask right now about your daughter’s problems.

Now, if you dream that your daughter does not fulfill her pregnancy it means that soon she will cause a problem in your family. Possibly her behavior will become negative and you will start to dislike her, therefore, you should be prepared to confront her.

If you dream of your pregnant daughter it explains the responsibilities you have in your life, that is, all the people who depend on you. It is a common dream when you are the boss and every day you acquire new challenges that you must meet.

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Dreaming that my daughter is raped

To dream that your daughter has been raped means that you are full of fear and anguish for the future of your family. Currently the need to protect them is growing, but you believe that you do not have the strength to guarantee them a future. This dream indicates your lack of motivation and constant worry, therefore, you must begin the change of behavior to find a better path in life.

Dreams that I have a daughter

To dream that you have a daughter portends new responsibilities and positive changes. The opportunity you were waiting for will finally arrive, but it requires all your talent and effort. It is not simply accepting the challenge, it is about you becoming a completely different person. As it is a child, it indicates that responsibility will come through patience, calmness and gentleness.

To dream that my daughter dies

Although it is an unpleasant dream, a dream vision of your daughter dying means that you will soon meet someone important. This person has always been in your thoughts and the right time has come to meet. In other cases, when someone worries you about their health or behavior, this dream warns that this person may soon have an accident.

Dreams with a daughter I don’t have

If you dream of a daughter you do not have, it indicates that you need to acquire responsibilities, especially when you lead a life of bad habits. It is time to remember the person you were in the past and the education given by your parents. Another interpretation can occur when you wish to become a father, since this dream will be a sign that soon the news of a pregnancy will come into your life.

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Dreaming that my daughter cries

Did you dream of your daughter crying? It means that you need to free yourself from your negative emotions and thoughts. It is likely that your life is unbalanced or far away from calm and prudence. It’s time to calm down a bit and start analyzing life from another perspective, since crying is a sign of drowning. From now on, start eliminating bad thoughts, fears and anguish for situations that have not arrived.