Thanks to their nature and origin, the dreams we experience each day are strongly removed from the mundane reality of our waking life, so it is normal that nonexistent elements appear in real life, possible only in the imagination; but from time to time, those things that occupy our mind when we are awake filter into our dream plane, so it is very common to dream of relatives.

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Regardless of whether we love or hate them, our family occupies a very important and prominent place in our subconscious. And when our dreams appear, they are not only a guide to clarify what we have in our mind; but dreams with relatives help us to better understand our relationships with them and with ourselves.

In general, seeing relatives in dreams, depending on the details, not just to be a positive signal; but it depends on the situation in which you develop the dream, since that may be related to the stress, the happiness, the sorrows, dependence, freedom, among others.

This relationship that you share with the family member who leads your dreams can be the trigger of future situations that are exposed to you through your dream connection, so you must study the whole context of the dream thoroughly, so that in this way you can be prepared or prepared for any event that is about to happen.




Keep in mind one thing: dreams with relatives lend themselves to multiple interpretations. You may recently have experienced some kind of spat or you’ve met with a family that had time not see, so it’s completely normal to present again in your dreams, trying to in your dream state with some aspect of your family life and your relationship with that member of the family.

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For this reason, you must analyze what is true and real in the dream and what is not, since this is that you will be able to obtain the important lesson that your subconscious tries to convey, and that you must consider to improve your interpersonal relationships both with your family and for the rest of your social life.

But why is there so much emphasis on studying the details of the dream? Because that family member who appears in your dreams may be representing aspects of yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about the family member itself, but about attitudes and factors that you reflect through this family member as it graphically represents what you are actually feeling.

Dream of dead relatives

Dreams in which a deceased relative appears can be extremely disturbing. Believe it or not, it is common for a family member who has recently died to appear in our dreams, but this does not mean that it is less terrifying. It is normal for you to experience fear if a relative who is no longer in the earthly world visits you in your dream stage, but you should know that you can get great messages through them. First, it is necessary to emphasize that experts in the study of onirology have determined that there are psychological and spiritual reasons to see family members killed in dreams, although the greatest weight is spiritual.

The psychological reason for seeing a deceased relative in a dream may include a feeling of guilt or regret for not having spent enough time with that loved one before he died or for not having settled some dispute that existed between you. In this case, the image of the dead relative appearing in the dream is an escape valve for our subconscious.

The spiritual reason we see deceased relatives in our dreams, are of two types mainly. The first is that the soul of the relative who died in the dream has left unfinished goals on his earthly plane, so he needs a guide to help him finally rest in peace. On the other hand, you may be going through a difficult situation that keeps you in constant turmoil, so that family member who died in your dreams seeks to convey peace to you and prove to you that he is your spiritual protector, taking care at all times of negative energies and evil spirits that seek to hurt you.

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Dreams with dead relatives are unique, as they are an opportunity to see once again that person who is no longer with us, but who remains alive in our hearts and in our memory.

Dreaming of relatives you haven’t seen in a while

If you dream of a family member who has no time to see, it can mean two things: first, you may find yourself missing that person, because most of the time when we miss someone, we don’t realize it; so your subconscious mind transmits this fault through your dreams. Second, there’s a chance that family member is going through a tough time, and you’re a key element in helping her get through that situation. Don’t consider how long they’ve been apart, whether it’s a false alarm, your family member will be happy to hear from you, and he’ll know he’s counting on you at all times.

Dream of family fights

Dreams in which you experience family fights are more of a premonition. If there were fights between family members in your dreams, there is a high probability that you will experience a similar quarrel in your waking life; not necessarily among your family, but that a fight will occur. For this reason, it is recommended that you avoid any kind of confrontation and if you notice that things become a little difficult try to remain calm.

Dream of living relatives

If a living relative slipped away in your dreams, you must take personal details of yourself into consideration. Normally, dreaming of living relatives is connected with the feeling of security, because when we are in trouble the family is the one we can always count on; but the message of the dream varies according to intimate aspects of each person, where the way you lived your childhood plays a fundamental role. If you experienced any negative experiences when you were little, sleep reveals that you are experiencing a sense of loss or demotivation right now. It all depends on the taste the dream left in you.

Dream of family discussions

Unlike dreams with family fights, if in your dreams you visualized some family discussion it’s not a bad sign. It is likely that there exist among you needs and desires that must be satisfied, in which both are not appreciating each other, and therefore there are unfinished feelings involved. You should know that the bond that binds them goes beyond blood, it is not just a blood connection, but a sentimental connection, so it is important to maintain harmony with all family members.

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Dream about family problems

The dreams in which family problems come are not related to the family itself. It is a clear sign that you have recently been submerged or immersed in labor issues or that they generate high levels of stress, so you have adopted a negative and sensitive behavior in which you react violently to any touch. Find a way to release those bad energies so you can avoid awkward situations in the future.

Dream of distant relatives

It is common for us not to keep in constant contact with our distant relatives, so it may be strange for us to dream about them. If you dream of a distant relative, it means that an event is coming that will gather the family, even the one that is not so close to us. This kind of Dream is very ambiguous, because the event may be a wedding, or the death of a relative.

Dream that a relative dies

Dreaming about the death of a family member does not necessarily mean that they will die in the near future. Although these dreams can be precognitive, in most cases they are not. The family member who dies in your dreams is an allegory of yourself, so dreaming that a family member dies is an indication that you are experiencing some changes in your personality, in which the old you has died to give way to an improved version of yourself. Depending on the family member who dies in your dreams, you can determine which part of you is undergoing a change, through the personality and details that most draw your attention to that family member.

Dream about family photos

The photos are elements that help us to immortalize moments. If in your dreams you saw pictures of your family, show a strong desire to spend exclusive time with your relatives. Work or daily responsibilities probably absorb you all your time, but letting yourself be absorbed by the environment steals valuable moments from our family. It’s time for you to take a little break, and visit those people who are so important in your life.


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