The meaning behind dreaming about your husband is a projection of all your attitudes, assumptions, thoughts and emotions towards your conjugal partner. Encompassing also other aspects or people of your reality, of which you are not aware. In that period of time in which you dream about your spouse, it serves to make you see, through the context in which you possess, what is it or not with you and thus improve your relationships with those close to your life and with your marriage.

Arguments, lack of shared time, miscommunication, misunderstandings, different interests and third parties (real or created by you) between you and your spouse in your daily life. All are factors that produce dreams about your life partner, some meanings are not exactly bad or literal in terms of the dream’s characteristics. So, instead of continuing to accumulate negative feelings that may have no basis whatsoever, relax your mind a little, because when it comes to dreams, nothing is what it seems to be!

Taking into account that dreams are produced from our experiences, from our worries and longings and also from our fears, it is common to have dreams focused on the couple. And something that we must admit is that sometimes we do not dream about our current partner; we dream about an ex-boyfriend or the person you want in your life to form a future together. Whatever the case, love is a field covered with dreams and nightmares. Therefore, the meaning of dreaming about a husband can have several results.


Dreaming of a husband is one of the most regular dreams among adult women. Especially those who are married or have an established relationship with a partner. It is no secret to anyone that some time women, in most cases, that are related to their husbands, boyfriend or partner: What they do not see, they invent, and if they do not invent, they dream it! (Talking about bad things).

Not to sound sexist, because that’s not what we are trying to look for, so at this point, before you make a not nice show to your husband because you have dreamed him in an alarming situation for you or against you; know first the meaning of dreaming about husband in all its contexts.

Dreaming about your husband as if it were in real life and he is the person you are married to, symbolizes the commitment and fidelity you keep to your partner. It may also be related to his role as a father figure in your family or to the thought of having children if you have not yet been able or willing to conceive one.

Dreaming about my husband

If you have dreamed of your husband, it means that you find yourself living moments of full happiness. Where the maximum understanding that your husband has in you prevails. It can also be linked to the desire to have children. Dreaming about your spouse can educate you about the feelings you have for him and the moment you are currently in, regardless of whether you are talking about positive dreams or nightmares.

Dreaming about your spouse can signify the stability and trust that your relationship has built up to this day. It means that you accept the reality of having that special person by your side and treasure every precious moment lived in the relationship. It is a very pleasant dream and it is associated with the experiences lived as a couple that we have in real life. For that happiness is crossing the boundaries of the subconscious and fills us with inner peace.

Dreams related to your spouse also have to do with unresolved issues. Sometimes we are not going through good times as a couple, and we need to solve pending issues. It is important to clarify events that have happened in the past and that were not discussed at that precise moment. The dream of a husband reminds you that you need to evaluate the relationship and repair it before a breakup occurs.

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Dreams that your husband is cheating on you

It is common to dream that your husband is cheating on you and that he is being unfaithful with someone, but you don’t need to worry. This does not mean that it can become reality. Dream experts say that dreams where your partner is cheating on you can have different meanings. Many people say that dreaming that your spouse is cheating on you is a sign of fear of ending the current relationship you have, it tells us that you may be a person who is too insecure and full of doubts in the relationship.

Not even Sigmund Freud himself was able to explain why our subconscious presents us with such dreamlike moments based on infidelity when you have doubts in the relationship. Although he may have based his explanation on the resource of childhood and the traumas experienced. But what we can assure is that the dream where your spouse cheats on you is presenting you with only one objective: That you react.

This dream comes to have those people who are obsessed with infidelity. Such relationships are indeed unhealthy and plagued by jealousy. Perhaps more than once, you have proposed to hire a private detective to follow the trail of your partner. But this dream wants you to trust your spouse’s words more. If you cannot trust them, it means that unfortunately, the relationship is not healthy.

Dreaming about your husband with another woman in bed

It does you no good to torture yourself and defile your peace of mind when you wake up from a dream where your husband is with another woman in bed. And, although you should not worry about an infidelity, what you should really reflect on is the meaning of a dream like this.

When you dream that your husband is in bed with another woman, at once you come to the conclusion that your dream may be a premonition that may come true. However, this is not the case. What we can conclude is that your thoughts are wandering with the idea that this could happen. To dream of your husband with another woman in bed symbolizes the real fear that he may do so.

The fear of being single is another thought that can trigger a dream like this. Becoming abandoned by your husband unconsciously encourages dreams of infidelity. Even if, in reality, there is no indication of this, the simple fear of the possibility that it could happen does not allow you to sleep peacefully. The invitation is to foster trust in your relationship before it can happen.

Dreams about my husband’s ex

Dreaming about your husband’s ex-partner can generate great doubts in the relationship. Generally, this dream has is linked to insecurities and inconveniences about doubts, own feelings and / or those of a loved one. It is necessary to be clear about the sensations produced by this dream, at the moment of experiencing it. In order to then evaluate the context in real life.

The doubts presented by this dream are not necessarily an omen of negative things. To dream of this is not warning of a possible betrayal, unless you really think it could happen. To dream of my husband’s ex has to do with the acceptance of past mistakes. We have to understand that living is an endless learning process.

To dream that my husband has another child

To dream that your husband has another child means that a new member is an important decision for your life. If you are holding him in your arms, it means that you are ready to make that decision and take precautions so that everything goes well. The maturity of the subconscious is transferred to an uncomfortable dream, which only denotes our own desire for motherhood.

Analyze yourself and see your current position, if you are days away from getting married, or traveling for a long time, this dream is telling you that the goals set in your life are ready to be supported by your husband. This dream is a sign of support for motherhood from your husband, one of the most important people in your life.

However, dreaming that your husband has another child does not connote a direct meaning that you have to become a mother. If you do not want to, you should never interpret the dream vision literally. On the contrary, what this dream may be trying to tell you is that you should rethink the possibility of dusting off old projects and putting them into action.

Dreams about my husband leaving me

Surely more than on more than one occasion you have been able to dream about your husband. And we bet all our money that you would like that dream to be a fairy tale to dreaming that your husband leaves you, right? Relax, because this is not a sign of a premonitory dream. If you have dreamed that your husband leaves you, it symbolizes that you need some time alone with yourself.

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Breakups will never be desired, nor in our dreams we would like to leave that special person. Logically dreaming a separation could translate into some existing problems in the relationship, but it is not obligatory to leave your spouse. The interpretation of this dream where your spouse leaves you may speak more about you than about your spouse or the relationship in general. We are witnessing what is known as an insecurity dream. An insecurity is related to you and affects your self-esteem, it has nothing to do with your husband.

Dreaming of making love to your husband

Dreams and intimate relationships have been related to desire. Although in some cases, dreaming of lovemaking could be a wake-up call. Since it comes from your subconscious, it refers to some impulse that you may be repressing, which is not always referred to sexual desires. You should be attentive and make an analysis of what things you are refusing to accept about any subject in your life.

To dream of making love with my husband is a sign of sexual dissatisfaction with him. It is necessary to communicate on this subject, but you do not dare to talk about it for fear of creating some damage that could later generate a big misunderstanding in your relationship. If this is the case, interpret this dream as a kind of advice or warning from your own subconscious that you should pay close attention to in order to overcome it as quickly as possible.

Dreams about my husband flirting with a woman

To dream that your husband flirts with another woman is not an indication of infidelity. What it is really indicating is that there are weak points in your relationship and you should pay attention to them. Although this dream vision is not a premonition, all dreams have meaning. For that reason, this dream has to do with your sense of womanhood. Do you no longer feel the same way about your partner? Are you in a stage of routine or boredom?

When dreaming that your husband cheats on you with another, your first thought is that the dream is a revelation of destiny and that it could come true. This translates into thoughts where there are scenarios in which this could happen. It is very important that you sit down and analyze these fears because they may end up being reflected in reality. Communicate this situation with your spouse and encourage a healthy conversation to resolve all your insecurities.

Dreams that my husband hugs me

To dream that your husband hugs you is related to everything emotional in your life as a couple. Specifically, hugging someone is recognized as a gesture of affection. You are probably going through a sad time in your life and you seek comfort from your husband. You may also see that he is not going through a good time, and you wish to comfort him through dreams.

On the other hand, if you dream that you embrace your husband and you find yourself smiling, it is a sign of a possible betrayal. Not only on the part of your current spouse, but you may be the cause of such an act. Both in your love life and in your personal life. Therefore, you should really investigate what is going on with you.

Dreaming that I hit my husband for cheating

You may be calm outside of dreams and dislike violence. But to dream that you hit your husband for cheating is a clear sign that something is wrong between the two of you. Restrained anger, rage and anger. To hit your spouse in a dream is something to take into account and reflect on. It is also common to dream that you hit your spouse when you find yourself or feel that you are misunderstood, when you do not feel like shouting and when you have the feeling of being manipulated.

Dreams of being kissed passionately

Spreading love, receiving affection and giving kisses is a moment that everyone in this world seeks to have. A dream adorned by an erotic kiss can perfectly summarize a passionate moment, one of those that seek to leave us breathless, but with tremendous desire to continue. The meaning of your husband kissing you passionately speaks of pure desire, temptation and desire. Your subconscious is looking for you to let yourself be carried away by this dream and give in to temptation.

Dreaming that my husband likes men

For the interpretation of dreaming that your husband likes men denotes unresolved problems between partners. Lack of trust and also lack within your communication. How is it possible that your subconscious comes to the conclusion of your husband attracted to another man? Surely you have been emotionally distant for some time and you are beginning to assume a breakup. Something is going on with your husband, for now they are suspicions and surely are not linked to his sexual orientation, but the problems are hidden and you have to recognize them.

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Dreams that you cheat on your husband

Dreaming that you cheat on your husband can mean a red alert in your mind. It’s as if you feel that between you everything is not going as usual, that you are failing in something. It is possible that you feel dissatisfied with your spouse and are looking for exciting thrills. To dream that you are unfaithful to your husband, means that there are things about him that you do not like. His way of thinking, his behavior, how he treats you, his thoughts about marriage, his machismo. This is one of the ways in which your subconscious expresses its displeasure and disappointment.

Dreaming that my husband impregnated another woman

Usually dreaming that your husband got another woman pregnant is a subconscious-generated alert for us. Wanting to let you know that in our thinking good things happen only to people who are in our environment. It is a sign of a moment of weakness sentimentally speaking. It is also the call to focus on the problems in your life and stop focusing on others.

Dreams about my husband being stabbed

To dream that your husband is stabbed, may be represented by the power struggle in the relationship. You may be experiencing feelings at this time that are not inappropriate and somewhat violent. It may also represent feeling betrayal by your spouse or that you feel a high degree of distrust. The invitation is to block those thoughts of fear of being betrayed.

Dreaming that my husband cries

If you have dreamed that your husband cries, it indicates that you have sought to do other activities that do not involve your husband. For you it represents bliss and they will be successfully generated, but your partner will not take it as wonderful news. It is not because he does not want you to be happy. Your husband will be sad because you have left him out of something that meant something to you, and therefore is important to him.

Dreams of your husband kissing your sister

If lately you dream that your husband kisses your sister, it is because there is no security in your relationship. It is possible that there are problems between you and your husband and that these are related to an estrangement towards your sister, or that you have some specific problem. Your subconscious is playing games with you and you interpret all this as if it were infidelity. It is also possible that you find yourself relating two people who are important in your life.

Dreaming of dead husband talking

To dream of your dead husband talking is one of the most disturbing dreams. Much more than dreaming of someone deceased who actually is, this dream brings a dark omen. It is possible that in your near future you will encounter intense pain that will be originated by a betrayal that will come from his part either infidelities or financially. You must be strong and attentive to your surroundings, since deceased people who speak in dreams always bring a message for us.

Dreams about my husband leaving me

To dream that your husband leaves you means problems that could be caused due to infidelity. It should be clarified that this does not mean the end of the relationship. When you see that your husband leaves you in the dream, but you do not know the reason, it is a sign of anguish in your life. Undoubtedly, whatever the reason for the departure, in real life it symbolizes a betrayal. It could be infidelity or betrayal.

Dreaming that my husband goes back to his ex

If you have a partner who had a romantic relationship recently, be attentive to the meaning of dreaming that your husband goes back to his ex as it most likely reflects what your husband feels and is still afraid to express. It stems from the fear of it happening, because perhaps we know that there was no closure from your past separation.

Dreams of your angry husband

To dream of your husband being angry indicates, that there is an attitude of yours that recently, gives your husband a lot to think about. Letting yourself be courted or being the one who courts with men or a man who is not your husband and similar behaviors, make you yourself want to change as soon as possible. That is why you dream of anger in which, the angry one is your husband and you want that situation to come to an end.

To dream that I reconcile with my husband

If in your dreams a reconciliation with your husband appears, it is synonymous of remembering good times lived with that person and you miss his presence. If you are no longer with him and there is no possibility of it happening, it may denote that you have unfinished business to talk about or that things went wrong between you and it is time for you to give each other a new opportunity.