Not always when we talk about love is romantic or full of joy, Happy Endings or romanticism. To dream that our partner deceives us is a dream that definitely makes us wake up to many with doubts about this topic in the relationship. But to calm our suspicions a little I tell you that these dreams of infidelity are not predictions nor should we take it as it is because dreaming that they are unfaithful to us is not the proof to accuse our partner of that fact. So we should know that this is an interpretation or correlation that makes our mind and the meaning focuses more on us than on the couple we have.

This dream speaks more of insecurity, specifically our insecurity, now it is up to us to find the source of the doubts. Now we most likely don’t get rid of that idea of infidelity and start looking for evidence of deception where there isn’t. But what we really have to do is focus on ourselves and find out what doubts and insecurities are affecting us. But our partner’s infidelity isn’t necessarily a reality. However, this also means that there is a small gap or some unresolved conflict.

It is important that we wake up from this dream or nightmare. After waking up we should start a conversation with our partner and it shouldn’t necessarily be about infidelity. But the real reason for that conversation will be to do reflection exercises and discover that we are acting badly and that it is not working as well as to discover what is not providing such insecurity as this can bring serious problems in the relationship. Starting from the fact that we doubt our partner with only one dream, from there we can measure the level of mistrust and insecurity we have.



As we have mentioned before, dreaming that your partner is cheating on you or cheating on you is not a premonitory dream or something that is happening, this dream is directed more to ourselves than to our partner. However we cannot say that it will never happen, there may be the case that actually the subconscious is interpreting a strange behavior of our partner and is the reason for an infidelity. This is why we must always keep everything in mind and inspect ourselves and see what failures we are committing. So the most important thing before we look at each other is to focus on ourselves and look for the root of that insecurity.

What this dream means is that there really is a gap between us and our partner. There are really problems and things to fix, but we haven’t taken the initiative to solve them, and that’s why we’re projecting these problems into the dream. As in all dreams, details are important. The interpretations of this dream depend on how the facts happened, if we know there is infidelity, but we have not seen our partner doing anything. Taking into account all these details we can find other meanings related to dreaming that our partner deceives us.

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To dream that your partner deceives you in front of you

To dream that your partner deceives you in front of you is a sign that we have really been feeling doubts about the love that at some point we feel for our partner and that she says she feels for us, our subconscious notices that our interest for our partner and hers with us is no longer the same. And by this we’re not finding a future relationship.

To dream that your partner is cheating on you with your brother

To dream that your partner is cheating on you with your brother is a dream with a meaning very linked to the original. These dreams of infidelity are based on mistrust that is a sign of our insecurities. So this dream means we’re feeling some kind of distrust from our family.

To dream that your partner is cheating on you with your sister

To dream that your partner is cheating on you with your sister, is a very strange and unusual dream but these dreams are generated by the lack of trust and security that we have in us. That this dream indicates that we need to take refuge in someone who helps us overcome the problems we have.


  • To dream that I’m unfaithful to my partner. This means that there are things about our partner that upset or upset us, or maybe how he treats us or the way he sees life, we don’t have a common goal.
  • Dream of a private detective for reasons of infidelity. If we’ve hired a private detective to monitor the actions of our marriage, it’s a sign of serious suspicion of infidelity on the part of our partner.
  • Dream they cheat on you before you get married. These are symptoms of concern and doubts as to whether the relationship will have a future or perhaps everything will be momentary and all this creates insecurity in us.
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