Believe it or not, it’s completely normal to dream that your teeth are falling out. However, there is an interesting list of interpretations that you can give to this dream experience. The symbology when dreaming of falling teeth can vary depending on the context of the dream, the additional details in this and what is the current situation you are in. These kinds of dreams are almost always a clear representation of a feeling of insecurity that you possess and that you are just now experiencing.

As I mentioned before, dreaming of falling teeth is an oneiric experience that is interpreted as the presence of a fear that prevents you from showing yourself as you are because you are afraid to make a fool of yourself in front of the people around you or to look bad in some of your daily tasks. This dream can also be the consequence of that insecurity that you feel when doing some action, you fear that they will mock you, that they will end your self-esteem.

Teeth in dreams are symbols of strength (they are used for biting, tearing, chewing…), so that, if in your dream you see that these are falling, then you feel that in your life you’re not managing to be heard, your opinion is in the air with respect to a specific topic or in general.

In the first place, giving you a series of questions, examines your situation to see if really this dream is a reflection of a concern today, if it is related to some problem or the fear about what the future has prepared for you. Perhaps the true meaning of to dream that you fall off the teeth is that as long you don’t visit your dentist for a dental cleaning, conduct a review of your molars and fangs, place some filling, to get rid of cavities, or take a couple of x-rays to check if it is necessary to place a dental implant. These kinds of situations can lead you to dream of loose teeth or falling out.


dreaming of your teeth falling out

If in your dreams teeth appear, then you are seeing how your subconscious represents the feelings of happiness, security, appearance and self-esteem. This is why dreams with tooth or tooth fall can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the context of the dream or your situation you can define a specific meaning. As I have already told you above, dreaming that your teeth are falling is closely related to the feeling of insecurity that you may be carrying around, as well as being afraid of any of your daily events.

This feeling or feeling comes to have such strength, that you can even clearly appreciate your insecurity when carrying out any common activity from day to day: whether you take the train or the subway, cross the office door, even engage in conversations or relationships with your coworkers and customers.

Usually, you will hardly notice this situation, but it is exactly that strong fear that you will be mocked or fear doing something that makes you look ridiculous which makes you unhappy, leading you to dream that your teeth fall out. However, avoid hasty conclusions as there are many variations in this dream which can drastically change the meaning of your dream.

Dream of a tooth falling out

A beautiful smile with healthy teeth is a sign of security, beauty, happiness and strength. Teeth care project an attractive image, so that plays an important role in the intrapersonal relationships. This is why, in general, psychology is associated with the dream that you lose a tooth with insecurity, lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem in both the personal and the professional.

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One theory indicates that tooth-related dreams are a reflection of an anxiety caused by your appearance and the perception others have about you. While this is a dream that can occur at any age, recent studies reveal that women in menopause have this dream more frequently. This supports the oneiric experts ‘ explanation, indicating that it is about the fear of aging and losing physical appeal.

Likewise, teeth, useful tools for breaking, biting, and chewing, are also a symbol of your inner strength. So when you dream that you drop a tooth, it’s probably a sign that you feel vulnerable, you don’t feel able to achieve your goals, you’re afraid to fail, making a fool of yourself in front of others, making a mockery of yourself. You may find yourself in the middle of a situation where you may not have been able to express yourself as you wish, you may not be heard as you want, or you may feel frustration because someone disobeys you.


  • If you dream that you break a tooth, it means that in the future you will have certain problems with a lot of difficulty, however, you will be able to solve them.
  • If you dream that several teeth fall out, be careful, it means you’re about to lose a loved one. It may also be that problems come to you that leave you weak and unstable.
  • Dreaming that your teeth are dark is an alarm from your subconscious indicating that your body feels tired from excessive work, which you are not rewarding in the right way either.
  • Dreaming of teeth with cavities indicates that in your life there is a subject that disturbs you, as it may also be that subjects are discovered by a recent action.
  • If you dream that a new tooth is born, then you’ll have a child later. Depending on the color and strength of the tooth, that way it will be your baby’s pregnancy and health.
  • Dreaming of healthy teeth is a good sign, you are surrounded by good friendships and real love. These friendships will hardly be affected by the difficulties.
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