To dream of grapes predicts abundance and the history of this fruit is full of purity and good energies. Historically, grapes were the favorite fruit of kings and a sign to guests that there was respect for them. In addition, they were appreciated for their flavor and that they should always be served fresh.

Nowadays, grapes are used as an omen to attract good energy and good luck. At the end of the year it is normal to see families consuming them as a sign of asking the new year for better opportunities. In other cultures, grapes are only consumed in important events such as family dinners or festivities, in this way they give thanks for abundance and good times.

If you dreamed with grapes, you are not far from this reality, since it predicts abundance and good feelings, but also warns of dangers and precautions to take. Of course, dreams with fruits foretell changes and the arrival of important people in the lives of people who turn these dreams into something recurrent.

Although opportunities are always in the environment around us, dreaming of grapes indicates the time to take them. However, we must be prepared to take on new responsibilities and challenges, otherwise, the changes will be negative and you will think that there is a bad patch in your life, when really it was the lack of preparation that led you to this moment.


The meaning of dreaming of grapes is related to abundance and the arrival of new people in your life. These people can bring problems or profits, as well as the beginning of a period of prosperity or economic losses. To understand the true meaning of dreaming with grapes, we have divided the predictions according to the color, size or the state in which the fruit was in the dream. Also, remember that the following predictions are for the near future and become more relevant when there is a recurring dream with grapes, that is, dreams that are repeated in a row.

Dreaming of green grapes

To dream of green grapes is one of the most positive dream experiences related to this fruit. It determines the beginning of a new path for the dreamer. If you go through a bad stage, it augurs that solutions and help will come from third parties who will strive to make you a prosperous person, therefore, do not close the door to your future guests.

If you go through a good stage, then it foretells the arrival of new opportunities to improve your economic stability or start a pending business. When you dream of green grapes you call abundance into your life, but as we mentioned, you cannot close the door in its face because it will withdraw from us.

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The following days you must be confident and prosperous to receive new news. Abundance will come little by little, like a bunch of grapes that you must take one by one. If you are about to open a business or start a venture, it is the right time to do it.

Dreams with black grapes

Contrary to our previous prediction, dreaming of black grapes brings the arrival of problems and negative energies. The color black is generally associated with negativity. When you dream of black grapes you attract bad energies and the beginning of a bad streak or the negativity of some proposal you were expecting.

Generally, the dreamer must prepare to start the bad streak and there is no better way than being cautious. If you are about to make a business deal or a trip, it would be best to consider postponing it. In this case, you should analyze and study properly what you are willing to do. In this way, you will avoid falling directly into the various problems that may arise.

Other meanings of dreaming of black grapes are related to the problems or quarrels that we may have because of high levels of stress. Therefore, if you frequently dream of black grapes try to stay a little away from conflicting situations and take some time to be calm.

Dreaming of purple grapes

Did you dream of purple grapes? They are the grapes used since ancient times for exquisite dishes and romantic evenings. Kings used them to seduce women and feast on their sexual practices. As a result, they have always been considered as a fruit that awakens sexual desire in people.

If you had a dream with purple grapes, you are going through an uncomfortable sexual stage, which you should solve so that it does not generate discomfort and stress in you. Other predictions point to the need to rediscover yourself in sex and even doubt your own sexuality.

In addition, it warns of the arrival of conflicts because of this situation. Purple grapes invite to a change, therefore, although its meaning seems negative, it is simply a change of energies to realize and live in a different way the following days.

Dreams with white grapes

Contrary to black grapes, dreaming of white grapes predicts good luck and prosperity. This color always indicates purity and harmony, mixed with grapes is an excellent prediction for good luck in business.

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For people going through a bad period, changes will come through the trust that others will place in you. This heralds the arrival of new job opportunities, friendships and emotional stability. In addition, recurring dreams of white grapes in sick people indicate health and that they will soon end up relieved.

Dreaming of eating grapes

This dream has two meanings. If you dreamt of eating grapes in perfect condition and with an excellent taste, prosperity will soon come into your life and a proposal that you cannot refuse because it will allow you to change your current state economically and represents the beginning of a beautiful stage for you. At the family level, it predicts union and reconciliation, as well as abundance.

If you dreamt of eating bad and sour grapes, then it indicates health problems and that you have lost important opportunities that will take time to reappear. In addition, you are preparing to solve conflicts in your work relationships.

Dreams with pink grapes

Did you dream of pink grapes? It predicts a stage of romanticism in your life. It is not a common dream because of the color of the grapes, therefore, it is one of the most accurate dreams in terms of romantic relationships. To dream of pink grapes portends a time of intense love for those who are currently in a relationship.

If you are single, it is the ideal time to look for a partner. Dreams with pink grapes are prosperous and announce that other people like you or begin to see you in a different way. Generally, in the near future a friend will declare his love for you.

To dream of a bunch of grapes

To find the meaning of this dream you must remember the color and condition of the grapes. To dream of a bunch of grapes means prosperity, abundance and stable economy. But they will not come as a gift, it will be as a result of rewards for the work you have done and the good business you have done during the last weeks.

If you dreamt of a bunch of grapes, you will be ready for change, showing yourself open to society. This translates into an improvement of your social circles and especially the family. In general, it predicts a positive change in your personal life, that is to say, it will directly affect your earnings. It should be clarified that if the bunch of grapes is in bad condition, then this dream will mean the opposite of the above.

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Dreams with red grapes

It is not a common dream, due to the fact that red grapes are not common and although they are confused with purple grapes, red grapes have a meaning that describes the current feelings of the dreamer. To dream of red grapes predicts grief and despondency over the problems that surround the dreamer day to day. It is a dream that describes the stress and loneliness that will come in the coming days. If you dreamt of eating red grapes, it warns that you are ready to leave these problems behind, but you will need the help of another person to show you a way forward. In general, it is a dream that invites you to change the current situation and avoid stressful episodes.

Dreaming of large grapes

To dream of big grapes brings us closer to total prosperity. It is a sign of personal growth and stable working relationships, even for people who are in family conflict, it will be the sign to start solving the various problems. Big grapes cost more money in commercial premises, therefore, achieving this prosperity requires all your intention and energy to achieve it. In some cultures large grapes are considered sacred, this is how it is recommended to the dreamer to look for a little of their spirituality, as you will find yourself with all the necessary energies to be in peace of mind.

Dreams with many grapes

Did you dream of many grapes? Change will be near your life. The prediction lies in what kind of situation you were in and the state of the grapes. When we dream of many grapes and they are of some color that we have explained, it means that the prediction will come faster than we expected and will multiply. But remember that grapes also have colors that are negative such as purple or red, in these cases we must prepare the environment to solve any problems that arise.

Dreaming of raisins

If you dreamed of raisins you are preparing for adversity, but you have the tools to overcome any problem. It is a dream that warns you that your goals are about to be fulfilled, but you must solve the difficulties and minor mishaps that other people can put in your way, sometimes dreaming of raisins represents the obstacles and the need for the dreamer to succeed despite these adversities.