We can bet that dreams where insects appear may not be to your liking, but you should know that they contain valuable information that you should know. To dream of moths is something negative, since it speaks about both material and emotional losses, but this is not a premonitory dream or that you plan to play the cards in your favor.

When moths invade your dream the main objective is to torment you, destroy your clothes or your furniture. We are talking about objects, material possessions that you house inside your home and you fear losing these objects. However, interpreting dreams is at a higher level of the carnal or material.

What you fear most when dreaming of moths is losing something within yourself. That is why a dream like this occurs when you are confused, overwhelmed by your problems, you find yourself with high levels of anxiety and you present a lot of anxiety towards the future. Just like dreaming that you are bankrupt, dreaming of moths is an indicator of fear of losing yourself.

Use this dream to fight against your weaknesses. Only you know the strength you possess to be able to overcome problems, you just have to put more faith in yourself. See if you can finish the moths in your dream, because this is a clear indicator that you feel the energy to finish any problem that comes your way.


It is considered that, dreaming of moths is synonymous with new problems in your life. However, it is important to remember with maximum detail that dream even if it seems really insignificant at the time of a correct interpretation. Dreams are the fingerprints that our subconscious has: Personal and unique. That is why we must remember as much as possible of our dream to get a more accurate answer.

The moths in dreams represent possible losses, both material and emotional. Moths feed on all the objects that we have stored and that do not have our attention most of the time. Therefore, dreaming of moths means that all the relationships that have been neglected over time are in danger, as well as the economic aspect of the home. It is necessary to be more organized in terms of expenses and income, so we will avoid bitter surprises.

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Dreaming of wood moths

To dream of wood moths represents problems with certain plans made in the past. This also symbolizes being a very stubborn person when difficulties arise.

These wood moths represent a future failure in the realization of a project of your business. However, when you manage to shoo away the wood moths, it announces that soon the obstacles of a problem will be over. If you dream that you ride a wood moth this may indicate a future disappointment in love.

Dreams with black moths

Dreams with black moths are a clear representation of an important loss that will have a great impact on your life. The departure of an important person and we are not only talking about their geographical location. Since this can also represent a death of someone close to you.

The breakup of a friendship, if you have been fighting recently with a friend it is time to stop all discussions. If you have dreamed of black moths you should focus on solving the problem otherwise the departure of this loved one may mean more than you think and these moths are here to let you know.

Dreaming of moths in your mouth

To dream of moths in the mouth is a sign that we should control what and how we say things, as it is possible to harm certain relationships. So, we should be more careful when speaking, taking into account the tone of voice with which we express ourselves. Likewise, we should minimize the use of offenses, since it can have consequences.

We must always remember that there are people who are sensitive or overly perceptive. Saying the first thing we think does not help to strengthen work or personal bonds. So for there to be harmony, it is necessary to put aside all differences and put our most tolerant part in front. This is the message of dreams with moths in the mouth.

Dreams with white moth

To dream of a white moth is an omen of sickness and fears. A white moth is a symbol of losing something valuable or fear for something you do not understand at all. If you dream of a white moth inside your room, it is because you are afraid that a family member will become ill or spend time in the hospital. If the white moth is found on an abandoned table, it is a warning sign to avoid complicated health situations. Therefore, it is necessary that you visit a doctor to get out of any doubt.

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Possibly, the dream with a white moth is a sign of a possible situation that is not to your liking, but you will be able to resolve it with consternation and dignity. This reflects your love for yourself and the people around you.

To dream of moths on my body

To dream of moths on your body is a sign that there are rumors that will not help your personal progress. Thus preventing your process to mature and become a better person. It is best for you to find stability and for the situations around you to keep changing. The invitation of this dream is to progress and the inevitable change that is coming for your personal and economic growth.

Dreams with moths in your hair

To dream of moths in your hair reveals that there are hypocritical people in your social circle. Currently, they are making fun of you or expressing bad things about you behind your back. But if you keep a positive attitude this should not affect your day to day life. The invitation of this dream vision is that we should stay away from toxic people who are not trustworthy in our environment.

Dreaming of colorful moths

To dream of colorful moths is an indicator of your greedy nature. Possibly, this is beginning to affect the achievement of your life goals and your interest in achieving them regardless of the harm you may cause to others. You generally become jealous of other people’s success and would not hesitate to harm others if the outcome is beneficial to you. This dream invites you to have more control over your actions and to meditate on the decisions you make to achieve your goals.

Dreams with large moths

If you dream of large moths it is a signal that your subconscious is sending, which may indicate a conflicting stage that is currently present in your life. The size of all the moths you encounter is proportional to the problem you are currently going through. Either at work, family or sentimental level. Dreams with large moths are related to great confusions and hidden desires.

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Dreaming of moths in bed

To dream of moths in bed means the beginning of serious problems with your partner. Therefore, it is advisable that we manage to make her feel loved or she will leave our side. They can also mean unexpected betrayal by a trusted friend or relative. Trustworthy people are moving away from your environment because of your own behavior. For that reason, you should be aware of who the people you associate with are.

Dreams with moths on the wall

Have you felt invisible to others unless you have something they need? Do you feel guilty about saying no? Dreaming of moths on the wall may represent these flaws in you. They could be warning you about something very important and that is that, from time to time, you take some time to analyze and discover yourself. Perhaps you need to overcome something before moving on, this represents personal obstacles that have been imposed by yourself.

Dreaming of red moths

To dream of red moths is the clear sign that you feel in love. However, you feel a little frustrated because you have not yet been able to let that special person who is haunting your thoughts know. This dream invites you to recognize that this is an opportunity in love that you should not and cannot pass up. Since red is a clear indication of someone’s sincere feelings for you, that is, that you are reciprocated.

Dreams with dead moths

If one night you came to dream of dead moths, then this dream is a sign of a possible breakup between you and someone very dear to you. You will lose that connection you had before, and this could happen because you were too preoccupied with yourself until it is too late. It’s time to analyze the situations and events you have gone through to try to get the relationship back on track or say goodbye for good.

Dreaming of moths in the bedroom

The room symbolizes your personal space and everything you love around you. Perhaps these dreams come to you because there is a lot of conflict within your family recently. It may also be the harbinger of bad news or you will be the protagonist of some strong argument. It is advisable to analyze the reasons for the conflict. Therefore, dreams with moths in the bedroom are associated with personal family problems.