Some men have a long history that relates them to ambition and pride, in relation to the footprint that our ancestors left on the planet. As we like to protect all old values, the meanings of these names are transmitted from generation to generation. This time we present you one of these names. Let’s analyze in detail the meaning of the name Eduardo.

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What is the meaning of Eduardo’s name?


Eduardo can be translated as ”the man who protects wealth.» He has a personality that is attractive to the world. This man manages to reach a position above the subjects. It has a capacity to do different things and a very different way of thinking.

A very characteristic feature of people called Eduardo is creativity. It is able to find a practical solve to any kind of problem you encounter in your life. Anything he gets is a real achievement for him.

At work, Eduardo is a very creative person who prefers to focus on IT work always keeping in mind the latest technologies. But he will need some loneliness to be able to think and organize his ideas. Although he is a good co-worker, it will take him some time to build lasting relationships.

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As for his love life, Eduardo remains a fairly individualistic person. It will take a long time to express your feelings for the loved one, and this can be frustrating for the two individuals in the relationship. Not that he’s not a romantic person, but he’ll have to spend a lot of time immersed in his own ideas. He needs space to concentrate. However, when Eduardo takes the initiative in his relations, he manages to solve any present problem.

The moment he finds a person with whom really achieve stability, Eduardo will be able to form his desired family. He likes to communicate with the family. He will try to convey all these creative gifts to his children, who will help him understand the rest of his world. He may be a little strict about his orders, but he does so in favor of his children’s education.

What is Eduardo’s Origin / etymology?

Eduardo’s origin is rooted in the Germanic language. This man’s name comes from the terms “Hord” and » ward.» Some experts think that the origin of the name comes from English terms: from the words “ead”, which means poverty, and ward, which means “guardian”. Etymology is still being studied in detail, so there is nothing clear.

This name has a long history, so we will find the following diminutives: Edu, Eduardito or Edi.

We also have other diminutive as Teddy, Eddy or Duard.

The female form of Eduardo’s name is Eduarda.

 Eduardo in other languages

This name, over time, has been derived in the following variations:

  • In English it is Edward .
  • In German we’ll find him as Eduard.
  • In France you can find him as Edouard.
  • In Italian it is written Edoardo, or Edo.
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Famous people known by that name

There are many famous people who have succeeded with the name Eduardo

  • A former King of England: Edward I.
  • Eduardo Noriega is a well-known actor for having made productions such as “El Lobo”.
  • A former president of the Valencian Community: Eduardo Zaplana.
  • We also have the Duke of York named Edward of York.