If you love everything related to Egypt, you probably already know how important expenses were at that time. So, you may have decided to give your cat a name related to Egyptian mythology. They are beautiful, easy to remember and pronounce, and there is a lot of variety. Without further ado, we offer you several Egyptian cat names for different gender.

Egyptian cat names and their meanings

Did you know that in Ancient Egypt there were populations that were dedicated to worshipping Gods that were in the form of cats? For example, the cities of Sekhmet or Bastet. As a reference to this, paintings of felines have been found in some sacred temples.

And it is that this pet was the great favorite of the Egyptians. Not only do they appear in a great series of paintings, but they are also identified as a symbol of worship. Many of these cats would come to be considered as gods, even worshipped in certain temples. In fact, it was believed that a cat with shining eyes was the creator of the moonbeams every night. He combined his action with the god of the sun, Ra, who rested to be ready to illuminate the Earth the next day.

Now that you know this explanation, you are ready to discover the best names for cats and cats.

List of Egyptian cat names for males

  • Amun. It can be translated as «hidden king». For Ancient Egypt, «Amun» was the most important god among all, above the rest. He was associated with prosperity and success. It is a good name for a majestic cat, powerful, but at the same time quiet and stealthy.
  • Seth. This other popular God is related to the opposite of peace and calmness. In fact, he has negative connotations: he is related to Death, hell and evil. Seth would murder his brother because he was envious of him. It is a good name for a somewhat unruly cat, even for one that always wants to eat (and it is also related to Hunger).
  • Ra. A great Egyptian Duos. He is represented as the Sun, as a source of unlimited energy. It is perfect for cats that seem or get tired a lot, those full of light, with a very safe behavior and with a very strong and strong personality.
  • Min. This name (also found as «Menus» or «Min») is related to the Moon. It is also related to Ra, since he is the one who protects the moon while this god rests. He receives the name of «protector of the heavens». He is also represented in the form of a man dressed in white. If you have a cat of this color, you may want to name it this name.
  • Osiris. A divinity who is known as «The Shepherd». Brother of Iris and source of civilization. He is also related to success and justice. He was killed by Seth, but was later revived by Isis. It is a good name for glamorous cats, with a stately gait.
  • Horus. The god who was in charge of taking the Egyptians to the afterlife.
  • Bes. He was not a beautiful god, but obese and with a lot of hair. However, he was very protective, always protecting his own and driving away enemies because of his ugliness.
  • Anubis. He is represented as a figure half man and half jackal. He was an Egyptian God who protected the deceased and ruled over them in a world just for them. This name is perfect for a black, mystical cat.
  • Toth. Related to knowledge and wisdom. It receives the pseudonym of «The Magician» and is usually a good name for male cats, for those who learn easily and have a higher intelligence than the rest.
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Names of female Egyptian cats

  • Bastet. is a name given to female cats in Ancient Egypt. It is a very representative name, since she was the «mother of all felines»: The role of the goddess was to procreate and protect her faithful. In case your cat has a close personality, this name is the best for her. And even better if her color is black.
  • Anukis. This name is related to Greek mythology, Anukis was the protector of the Nile River. She was also known as the «Hugging Goddess», so the name is perfect for those cats who love to play in the water.
  • Isis. She is the sister of Osiris and Seth, and was named Ast. Isis was the goddess of the goddesses in Egypt. She had a great influence on the cultures that would follow, as in the «Roman». She has the power to fertilize Mother Nature, making it proliferate. For this reason, it also receives the nickname of «The Great Magician».
  • Amenti. This name refers to a goddess who stood at the top of a tree, boasting nice, long hair. If the cat you have loves to climb, this is a good name for her.