Elena is a woman’s name that is characterized by her great creativity. She is always innovating, likes to do new things and gives her all for others. She will never get bored: she will always look for new ways to achieve her goals. If you want to know more about the meaning of Elena, we invite you to continue reading.

What is the meaning of the name Elena?


Elena literally means “Woman who shines next to the sun”. Her sparkle is so bright that it will dazzle anyone she meets. She is that person that any man would want to meet.

Elena’s personality is characterized by her will to live, by her search for new ways. She is creative, very talented and capable of fighting the obstacles that are put in her way to reach success with relative ease.

In terms of work, Elena usually prefers to dedicate herself to sectors that are constantly developing, such as acting or dancing. She likes to reach positions of importance and responsibility, as this is the only way to keep her mind stimulated. She knows the importance of having a good team by her side, the one with whom she shares merits and failure. She knows how to stimulate her team correctly and lets them grow at their own pace.

Elena’s name is also related to maturity; both when it comes to love and to solve her problems. This woman is dedicated to her work, she continues to undertake to have emotional support and support. If she does not find these characteristics in her partner, she will most likely look for another one.

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On the family level, Elena will also be the woman who takes care of everything. She will solve the problems that her parents may have when they arrive at school or high school, and will advise them on the path to take. However, she is not always able to recognize her mistakes, and this can lead to major arguments.

Origin or etymology of Elena

This feminine given name has its roots in Greek. Its etymology comes directly from the term Helana, associated with the terms “Sun”, “Bright” or “With radiance”. It has a great popularity that spread thanks to the mythical character of Helen of Troy.

However, there is no masculine variety of this name.

Elena in other languages

Unlike other names, Elena does have some variations.

  • The name is Helen in English, or also Ellen.
  • In German it is spelled Helena.
  • In Spanish it is written Helena or Elena.
  • In French the name is Hélène.
  • In Russian and Italian, the name would be spelled Elena.

Famous people named Elena

  • The well-known actress Elena Furiase who became known with El Internado.
  • We also have the Infanta Elena de Borbón.
  • Another member of royalty, Elena Pavlona.
  • And with even more privileges, the Empress Helena Lecapena.