Emily is a name that is characterized by having a superior beauty, which will evoke those romance movies we watched when we were little. To know in detail everything it symbolizes, both the etymology, origin, personality, as well as the meaning of Emily, we invite you to continue reading:

What is the meaning of the name Emily?


Emily literally means «working woman». For many years, many families have decided to choose this name for their daughters, as it is associated with effort and economic prosperity.

In relation to Emily’s personality, we find a woman who wants to focus since she is young, although it is not easy, since she does not usually go out looking for anyone, but what she does is rather wait. Although it is difficult, she believes in crushes, and knows that someday she will have one in her life that will mark everything. Sometimes she is realistic and knows that she must leave those beliefs aside to look for her better half.

At the work level, Emily is a woman who has no preferences: she is capable of taking the reins of a team and becoming an event manager. She has the gift to control a team of people in order to increase their productivity and make them feel part of the group. They will appreciate the way Emily will explain things, the way she shows authority, the way she is accommodating and compassionate, but always firm and straightforward. This will help her make the right decisions. In front of her colleagues she will not show her weaknesses, only her strengths.

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In the amorous plane, in the moment in which she has found some person, she will know how to leave aside her work to dedicate herself in body and high to the other person. She likes to be intellectually intimate with another person, and she thinks that this is the basis for creating any lasting relationship. However, she needs to be close to a person who has an ambitious personality, as she has.

On the family level, Emily is a liberal person in the education of her children. She will teach them the value of hard work and the rewards of perseverance: however, she will let them choose their own path.

Origin or etymology of  Emily

The origin of this name has its roots in Latin. Although it is not known for sure, it is thought that its etymology comes from »aemilius», which can be translated as «hard worker». Some people think that it is a term that comes directly from the Greek, from the etymology »Aimilios». There are also indications that it comes from the Greek, although there is no key reference to determine that this is really so.

We have several diminutives of this name, such as Mily or Emi.

As for its masculine form, we have Emilio.

Emily in other languages

There are many variations of Emily throughout the different languages, and these are the most common ones:

  • In Spanish, the most common form is Emilia, as well as in Italian.
  • In English, she will be called Emily.
  • In German, her name will be Emilie.
  • In French she will be called Émilie.
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Famous people named Emily

There are not many people with this name, but we have these two very well known ones:

  • The very famous British actress by the name of Emily Blunt.
  • The British actress Emily Ratajkowski.