Many women do not want to depend on anyone in their life, they fight for their rights and do the impossible for them. They are able to build a stable future, and the truth is that their own name helps them to be able to do so. And this is what happens with the name that we present to you here. Read on to know all about Emma’s meaning.

What is the meaning of Emma’s name?


Emma will translate as «woman with strength», which indicates the great capacity she has to be able to resist everything that comes her way. She is a fighter who is not afraid to sacrifice whatever it takes to achieve her purposes.

In relation to Emma’s personality, we are talking about a woman who is always working, who is independent and self-sufficient. She hates to depend on others, and that others think he is dependent. For that reason, he will do the impossible to set up his own businesses, creating a team that he will manage to achieve his goals. He is demanding in his work, and so is he with his workers. If you follow your directions, you will reward them properly. You will love to motivate your employees.

On the sentimental level, the truth is that Emma is very similar: she is not afraid to live alone, because she is able to take advantage of any moment to grow on a personal and professional level. She won’t turn herself in until she’s finally sure she’s found a man she’s compatible with. She imposes as a requirement to his partners to give her space to think, so that his mind continues to evolve. Her perfect partner must understand that you have to leave a certain space for him to be happy. Only in this way will you be able to achieve full confidence with him or her.

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One of his great virtues is his ability to guess the intentions of strangers, avoiding trusting them from the first moment. He knows who’s going «for good» and who’s going to hurt.

In relation to the family plan, she will teach her children to be self-sufficient, help them find a path and follow it without anyone stopping them to achieve their goals. Her children will learn a lot from her and will thank her when they grow up. It is very similar to the name of Natalia.

What is the origin / etymology of Emma’s name?

The origin of this woman’s name has its roots in the Germanic, the word comes from the term Ermin, which as we have said at the beginning, its meaning is «woman with strength».

The saint of Emma is the one of 2 February.

As for their diminutives, we have some not too well known, such as Em or Emy.

Emma in other languages

Since it is not a very old name, the truth is that it is written almost the same way almost anywhere.

  • In English it will be written Emma, Emmy, or Emmie.
  • In French, German, Italian and Spanish it is written such that Emma.

Celebrities with the name Emma

There are some women who have become popular with this name, such as the following:

  • Emma Watsonthe actress that played a big role in Harry potter films.
  • Emma Marrone is a popular singer with a unique voice.
  • Another singer and songwriter is Emma Shapplin.