This name is very curious, since its personality does not have much to do with what it means. The references indicate that it is a name related to beauty, although it is related to joy and the will to live. Erika means «princess» although it has a rather serious personality. We have a lot to tell you about the meaning of Erika.

What is the meaning of the name Erika?


Erika is a name that means «Woman who will always be a princess». It has an exotic beauty that is related to nobility, and it is an honor that was not granted to many people in ancient times.

In relation to Erika’s personality she is usually a shy person, somewhat introverted. She will do whatever it takes to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. She will not mind working 20 hours a day if she knows she can achieve it, or neglect her hobbies to reach the goal.

In relation to work, Erika is a person who tends to have a certain predilection for numbers and statistical calculations. She also likes to work as an accountant. One of her hobbies is to look for new mathematical formulas that can explain why everything that exists has been generated, such as String Theory. She knows that these works involve a great sacrifice, since the results will take time to manifest themselves. She likes to move forward as fast as possible, so that she does not have to wait. She does not like to devote herself to customer service.

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In her love relationships, Erika lacks time in her life to find a person to whom she can give her time and love. She is a very autonomous woman who finds it difficult to share. She will only discover the concerns of her being if she meets someone who really understands her. It will be at that moment when her life will begin to change.

At the family level he also finds it difficult to show his feelings. She reserves much his dreams to be able to reach the success in her life, and it is that she knows that her parents are going to pay a lot of attention on her personal achievements. She tries to correct this in the face of her children: she encourages them by telling them about these experiences and encourages them to go out into the world, so that they have new opportunities.

Origin or etymology of Erika

The origin of this woman’s name is Germanic. It comes from the masculine variation of Erik, and the origin is thought to be the same. It is usually translated as «Woman who will always be a princess».

In ancient times, this name has been widely used by the British, although it was gradually incorporated by the Scandinavians into their society. This happened from the 15th century, when the name Erika was increasing in popularity, until it became well known at the end of the 19th century. The reason for this was a novel written by F. William, called Eric, or, Little by Little.

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As for its diminutives, we have Eri, and a spelling variant, Erica.

Erika in other languages

As it is a name that is not as old as others (those that come from Latin or Hebrew are four times as old), there are not too many variations on it.

  • In English it will be spelled Erica or Erika.
  • In French and Italian you will come across Erika, as in Spanish.
  • In German it is written like this: Ericha.

famous people named Erika

  • The popular sportswoman with the name Erika C. Dos Santos.
  • The well-known actress Erika Buenfil.
  • This woman who is also dedicated to acting, Erika Márquez.