Fabian is a man who is characterized by being fun, and by his eagerness to make new friends. Surely this type of personality sounds quite familiar to you if you have met a person with this name. Don’t hesitate any longer and read on to find out all about the meaning of Fabian.

What is the meaning of the name Fabian?


Fabian can be translated as «The farmer man». And it is that it is a very literal translation, related to bean farmer. Now it does not have much to do with this. Let’s analyze in detail the origin of the name, and his character.

Fabian is a very funny man. He always likes to play jokes on his friends, especially if they have not had a good day. He is a person who is able to cheer you up when you do not know why, but you are not able to raise your head. For this reason, there are many people who want to establish a friendship with him.

In relation to the work environment, Fabian likes to always have something to do, he cannot stand still. The new challenges that the future brings him makes his mind keep working. He likes to create. He must also be in direct contact with other people, so it is normal for him to work in public relations for companies. He has great gifts that can lead him to become the manager of a company. However, the job he chooses should give him a couple of days off so he doesn’t get overwhelmed.


In his love life, Fabian is a seducer. He is affectionate, very sociable and has a peculiar personality that makes men and women fall in love. However, the big «But» is that he is not good at having sentimental relationships, since commitment is not something he likes.

At the family level, Fabian will do his best to make sure that his family lacks nothing. He wants to become the reference of his children and that they also take the helm of the house. He supports his wife at all times, which makes him highly valued in the home.

Origin or etymology Fabian

This male name has Latin origins. Its etymology comes from Fabius, which means «Man who harvests beans». This meaning is strange now, but before it was not. Experts also associate it with the meaning of Farmer.

It has a couple of diminutives, Fabito or Fabi.

We can also find it in feminine variations: Fabiola and Fabiana.

Fabian in other languages

There are different ways of writing Fabián depending on the language we are talking about:

  • In English it will be written Fabian, in the same way as in German.
  • In Italian, it is written as Fabiano.
  • In French, it is written as Fabien and Fabian.
  • In Russian, the name is Фабиан.

Famous People named Fabian

  • Fabian, a former pope of the Roman Church.
  • Fabian Cancellara is a very popular cyclist.