Fabiola is a woman who is characterized by being very complete. She has gifts for art, which makes her a being that is not always easy to understand. Much has been written about her origin and etymology. So that you have everything clearer, we have prepared an article in which we detail the meaning of Fabiola.

What is the meaning of the name Fabiola?


Fabiola can be translated as “Woman who is dedicated to growing beans”. Although this meaning may not seem to make sense, it does, and is that mysticism was something very important in the past.

As we have already mentioned, Fabiola is a complicated woman. It is not easy for her to fall in love, nor is she easy to conquer. For a man to attract her, he must be involved at different levels. She is not interested in material goods, but in being paid attention to, her capacity to establish conversations, to debate and to give her opinion. She has a romantic soul, she likes to be courted by an intellectual person, who likes to think, she likes to be taken to a classy restaurant and to be given a lot of time. This is how she conceives her soul mate.

On the work front, Fabiola is very passionate about fashion. Her name has its own personal style, so she could devote herself to designing clothes, or to different accessories. She also gets along well with other sectors, such as modern architecture, painting or hairdressing. She likes to attend the theater, cinema, or related events. She also needs to practice sports to take her mind off everything.

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At the family level, all the members of the family structure trust her. She is always there when she is needed: she will advise her children, listen to their problems, and even propose solutions. However, she is not tolerant of infidelities, the same as Barbara or Susana. She also likes to try new things so as not to fall into a routine.

Origin or etymology of Fabiola

The origin of this feminine proper name has its roots in Latin. The etymology is found in the term “Fabius”, whose meaning is literally “he who harvests the beans”.

As for its diminutives, we have two: Fabita and Fabi, and a synonym: Fabiana.

In addition, it also has two masculine forms: Fabian or Fabiano.

Fabiola in other languages

The names Fabiana and Fabiola are used in the same way in several languages. There is no considerable difference other than the pronunciation.

Famous people named Fabiola

There are batantes famous or popular people who are named Fabiola and have achieved success:

  • The former majesty of Belgium had the name Fabiola of Belgium.
  • The well-known musician and singer Fabiola Rodas.
  • The specialist in photography Fabiola Cedillo.