Fatima is a woman who stands out for her compassion, for being a pillar for her friends and acquaintances, for caring about her environment and never abandoning anyone. The origin of this name is very characteristic. If you want to know more about the meaning of Fatima, just keep reading this article.

What is the meaning of the name Fatima?


Fatima has the meaning of «unique woman». Many parents used to choose this name for their daughters, with the aim of transmitting this value to them. In addition, it was also associated with exclusivity, so that she would not be just another person on this planet, so that they could leave their own mark.

Fatima stands out for having a friendly personality, she relates well with her environment and when someone enters her circle of trust she will not let them down. She will always offer an ear to listen to us and will tell us what she thinks of us without any restraint. Her opinions are very valuable, as they are constructive; she is not one of those people who wants to influence you for profit. However, she will always tell you things clearly, something we will be grateful for.

Because of her way of being, she is able to live day by day without desires; if she is not able to buy a car, she will use the bus, if she cannot buy a luxury mansion, she will adapt to a small rented apartment. She is able to value everything and smile at her possessions.

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On the professional level, Fatima has a gift for dialectics. It is possible to find her in political positions, in lectures, or even as a teacher. She could also be an eminent psychologist, or hold a position in international relations to conduct diplomacy between different countries.

On the sentimental level, Fatima will always be quite independent. Her character is formed by doubt and indecision. If she does not think she has found the right person, she will not devote the time she deserves.

On the family level, Fatima will always be able to put a smile on her face. The mere fact that her name is heard will awaken joy in the house, from anyone around her. She will not only value being with her friends and family, but with anyone else she feels comfortable with. She always contributes to doing things around the house, and invites everyone to participate in order to foster an atmosphere of collaboration.

Origin or etymology of Fatima

The origin of this name has roots in Arabic. It translates as One Woman and the etymology comes directly from the term «Fatima». It appears with a much higher frequency in Latin American and Muslim countries, than in Spain or other places. It is quite well known because of the «Virgin of Fatima».

There is no male appellative, but we do find it in other names such as «Fati» or «Faty».

There is no masculine form, but there is a beautiful diminutive, Fati or Faty.

Fatima in other languages?

  • In the Spanish language it is written as Fatima, in other languages there are no other variations, except for the accent. That is to say, it is written the same in English as it is in Italian, French or German. In the case of Valencian, the name is Fátima.
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Famous people named Fatima

There are not too many women who became famous with this name, at least in the Iberian Peninsula.

  • The well-known actress Fátima Rivera.
  • A singer who has delighted us with so many songs, Fátima Miranda.
  • This other actress. Fátima B. Medina