In this article we want to introduce you to a name something peculiar because he has a slightly complicated personality. She is a brave, persevering and intelligent person, although, perhaps, too competitive. This woman is complicated to control, perhaps somewhat materialistic, so it is not always the best option to put a daughter. Without further ado, we will tell you about the meaning of the name Fernanda.

What is the meaning of Fernanda’s name?


The meaning of this woman’s name is related to courage and daring, and also to intelligence. Experts assure that it shares common characteristics with the name Raul, and with the name Andrea.

What is the origin or etymology of Fernanda?

There is some controversy regarding Fernanda. At one end, there are experts who assure that the etymology comes from the concepts fdr and nend, which can be translated as “intelligence” and “daring”, respectively. But there are also other people who think that the etymology comes from the terms fridu, which means “peace”, and nand which is also “bold”. What is known with certainty is that it has origins in Latin.

 Fernanda in other languages

It is better known the variation in masculine, Fernando, than the name Fernanda itself. However, there are some important variations in other languages:

  • In English, German and French we will find the name as Ferdinand.
  • In French there is a variation Fernand.
  • In Italian, instead, you will find her as Ferdinanda.
  • Finally, in Russian will be written Фердинанд.
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Famous known by the name of Fernanda

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find women who have found fame with the name Fernanda. Unless, they have a worldwide recognition.

How is Fernanda?

Fernanda’s personality is related to intelligence, with adaptation to even the most complicated situations. She is a girl who will dare to take the most difficult steps, as it is a trait that characterizes her personality. She really like that life offers new challenges, since she will be able to achieve her goals without having to think about it much. However, sometimes it is very competitive, perhaps in excess.

It is possible that Fernanda does not get what she has proposed, which can make her second on a sentimental level. She needs someone to help her get out of this emotional pothole. If she is the one who should give help, she will do so without any doubt. However, it is difficult to manage it so that she can collaborate with others.

On the Love level, Fernanda is looking for a partner who, like her, has great aspirations in her life, who will take everything as if it were a great challenge. She is materialistic, able to take away from things the real importance that it has, which can make it have some other problem that ends the relationship.

She is also a very competitive person: Fernanda wants her parents to become the best in any type of situation, since it is a way to achieve personal satisfaction. She also does the impossible to become a good mother and a better grandmother. She wants to be noticed in her life.

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