The name you’ll find this time has a lot of history ahead. It is an imperial name that is still widely used today. It is related to majesty and the power to do things. This time, we will talk about everything related to the meaning of Fernando. In addition, you will also be able to know some curiosities related to the name.


What is the meaning of Fernando’s name?

Fernando can be translated as “daring man”: he is a man who is not afraid of anything, able to accept any challenge that may come to him. His being is similar to Barney Stinson (from the ”How I Met Your Mother” series) when he says… Challenge accepted!.

Fernando’s personality is characterized by his great self-confidence. He is not afraid of what may happen in his life, as there will always be a new path waiting for him. However, he studies his possibilities very well before taking the next step. He also wants to be the center of attention and from here comes a negative feature of his personality: he is very vain.

On the loving level, Fernando is a superficial person. He has a hard time getting involved with a partner, he prefers to make the most of the time and get to know the world around him. He has troubles sharing his moments with other people.

He is superficial: he does not take too much into account the feelings of others because he prefers to «live the moment». He’s very interested in people’s physique. Over time, he will end up changing this way of thinking, finding a partner, marrying him or her, and forming a family.

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On the family level, things will have changed a lot. He will no longer be so sure of himself, he will need people’s approval around him to take the most important steps for the future.

At the work level, it seeks jobs that relate to science and / or art. I could get to work in both science and interpretation. He is good at thinking and writing, even as a teacher. He has a great intellectual capacity, which allows him to adapt even in the most complicated situations.

What is the origin/etymology of Fernando’s name?

Fernando’s Origin has its comes from the Germanic languages. It comes from the term Firthunands. The etymology of this word is composed of two parts «Firthu“, which means” peace“, in addition to” freedom“, and ”Nands”, which can be translated as ”courage».

The truth is that there is no consensus on the meaning: some people think that the name means «bold man“, while others claim that it alludes to a ”life full of adventures».

Finally, the female form of this name is Fernanda.

They also have many synonyms or variations Hernán, Ferrán, Ferrante or Hernando.

It has its transformation in the form of surname, as surname Fernandez, which means “Son of Fernando”, and Hernandez.

Fernando in other languages

Fernando’s name has been varying in different languages:

  • In German, French and English we will find it written as Ferdinand.
  • In Italy you’ll find him as Ferdinando.
  • In Russia, it is written Фердинанд.
  • In Valencian it is Fernand or Ferran.

Famous by the name of Fernando

  • Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso.
  • A well-known writer: Fernando Fernán Gómez.
  • A footballer: Fernando Torres.
  • Ferdinand, a character from the Orange Black Series.