There are some names that, although you know, are usually not very common in our day to day. We may find them in some variants, perhaps by society, perhaps by culture, or by the trends of that time. In this article we will talk about the meaning of the name Gabriela.

What is the meaning of Gabriela’s name?

Gabriela can be translated as «divine power» or «superior strength of God», it is a name with strong religious connotations.

Gabriela’s personality is related to her way of life: she is a woman who follows her traditions and conventions to the end. It is traditional, conservative and likes to secure the things it has taken so long to get. She does not like to take risks throughout his life, nor to carry out experiences that could cause her any kind of perjury. She finds it hard to change and make important decisions in her life. When she finally takes them, she tends to get them right, thus benefiting the beings around him.

This woman is a little complicated in love affairs. She is jealous and avoid by all means that her partner can approach other men as women. In this case, it’s kind of insecure. Therefore, her relationships are usually not very long lasting. She will only find your better half if the other person understands you and can calm her anxiety.

At work, Gabriela is a woman who is engaged in conventional sectors, without over-innovating. However, she has the capacity for anything that is proposed. She likes to work as a team and is able to manage it easily.

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One of his main hobbies is nature. She likes to get lost in the forest where she can enjoy the sounds it offers: wind, water, animals…

What is the origin / etymology of Gabriela’s name?

It is quite common to think that Gabriela’s name is Latin, but it has a Hebrew origin. It comes as a variation of the male name Gabriel, associated with the Archangel Gabriel. In The Bible is constantly appearing; there are many men and women who call themselves that, hence it is a name with an extensive religious tradition.

Gabriela in other languages

There are not many variations on Gabriela’s name, only the following:

  • In German, it will be written in the same way as in Spanish: Gabriela.
  • In French is written as Gabrielle.
  • In Italy or an Anglo-Saxon country you will find the name Gabriella.

These are the diminutive most common diminutive: Gaby or Gabri.

Celebrities known by the name of Gabriela

  • Renowned writer and poet Gabriela Mistral.
  • An actress and model who has triumphed: Gabriela Vergara.
  • Another woman from the world of interpretation Gabriela Roel.

A famous tennis player, although she did not get too much: Gabriela Sabatini