This time we focus on a color that you probably know part of its meaning and symbolism. It is the color of luxury and glamour; and as you can imagine, it is gold.

Here we explain the meaning and symbolism of the color gold.


There are 19 shades of gold. It is the color most commonly associated with beauty and wealth, however, not many people mention it as their favorite color.

Because it is related to yellow, gold is also a symbol of arrogance and materialism. Everything surrounded by gold is noble and is related to happiness, as well as sentimentality. Yes, just as you have just read; gold is one of the colors of sentimentality, because in many cases memories of loved ones are kept in golden chests or in literature it is common to speak of «golden locks» to refer to the locks of blond hair that lovers keep from the people they love.

Gold is also the color of the alchemists, it is enough to remember their determination to convert (transmute) matter into gold. Likewise, the «philosopher’s stone» had the power to transform anything into gold.

When we speak of gold, we immediately think of fame, pride and merit; since gold is present in all three aspects. Many awards, whether medals or trophies, are made of the precious metal or are golden in color. In short, in all contexts in which we seek to recognize the merits of someone; gold is present.

Moreover, as gold does not combine with other elements when it is not melted; gold is also the color of fidelity. This is one of the reasons why wedding rings are usually made of gold.

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Gold is the color of power. Many iconic items and brands of nations are made of gold or at least contain it. This metal, which is the most recycled of all metals, is also a symbol of permanence (a «golden wedding anniversary» is celebrated after 50 years of marriage).

In astrology, gold is the color of Leo, because in ancient times it was believed that gold was the product of the sun’s rays, and this is precisely the star that rules over this zodiac sign.

On the other hand, gold is the color of dazzle, vanity, rapture, artificial and, of course, decorative.

Positive aspects related to the color gold

  • Beauty
  • Wealth
  • Fidelity
  • Permanence
  • Glamour
  • Merit

Negative aspects related to the golden color

  • Presumptuousness
  • Materialism
  • Enrapture (foolishness)