The color we will talk about next is not exactly one of the most appreciated by the general public, maybe because it is associated with several negative elements and very few positive ones. If you read the title, you will already know that we are referring to the color gray.

Below we explain the meaning and symbolism of the color gray.


There are 65 shades of gray. This is the color that is most associated with boredom, old-fashioned, insipid, cruelty and also with sadness (although with this last aspect the color that is most associated is blue).

It is a color without strength, it comes as a result of the weakness of black and the dirtiness of white. Gray is the color most associated with old age (gray hair).

This color can appear light and dark, but this will always depend on the two colors that make it up; this is why it is said that gray is the color of mediocrity, adaptability and conformism.

It is not a warm color, but neither is it cold. It is not feminine, but neither is it masculine. Gray is not spiritual, but neither is it material. It is a color without character.

Loneliness and emptiness are often represented with this color. Gray represents the opposite of yellow, which is joy and happiness. Hence, even many grave decorations and trees related to death are gray.

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Gray is the color of bad weather. When there is bad weather, the yellow of the sun ceases to be present and gives way to the sullen and depressive gray. Everything bad comes together in this color.

Now, not everything gray is so bad. It is important to mention that gray is also the color of reflection and theory (understand that in our brain we have «gray matter»). Likewise, science and objectivity are constantly related to this color.

Insensitivity and indifference are gray. Likewise, in nature it is one of the colors most used for camouflage; hence gray is considered a symbol of hypocrisy and concealment of very bad things.

Gray is the lack of feelings, but nevertheless, in the world of fashion; although it is not particularly appreciated, it could not be said that gray is rejected. For designers, it is not a very important color; but it can always be more or less present.

Finally, as the color of old age, gray is also the color of the past and the forgotten. It is another color of poverty and modesty.

Positive aspects associated with the color gray

  • Reflection
  • Objectivity
  • Science

Negative aspects associated with the color gray

  • Old age
  • Boredom
  • Poverty
  • Insensitivity
  • Mediocrity