The meaning of the color green is very broad and complex. We can find hundreds of meanings in nature, in psychology, in marketing, in oriental philosophy, and in modern society. Undoubtedly, green is one of the most complex colors, since different shades of green completely change its meaning.

Let’s start our journey through the meanings of the color green with its relationship to nature and plants. Green is the color of healthy plants, so we can relate it to growth, fertility (both sexual and agricultural), and exuberance. With all this, it is surprising that a pale shade of green changes its meaning to something much more negative, such as bad stomach, bad food, and other similar relationships. Thus, we begin with the contradictions of the meanings of the color green.

The meaning of the color green is antagonistic to red, and is related to free way or positive response.

Green is the combination of blue and yellow, and therefore often has similar effects to them. For example, green is often considered both a relaxing and stimulating color; it relaxes the body while stimulating the mind. This applies in psychology, where it is recommended to use green in rooms where stability and tranquility are sought. Also, in psychology, green is used to facilitate the connection between people, increase the sociability of patients, and transmits positivism.

In aesthetics and clothing, the meaning of green does not change much. The main meaning we can find in this field is: serenity and well-being. These two are the attributes that we will transmit the most if green predominates in our attire.

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Those people who consider green as their favorite color are usually mature, sensitive, open-minded, very attentive to their surroundings, and very friendly. Although the shade of green can vary greatly in meaning, these are the main traits it represents from a psychological point of view.

The main meaning of the color green in our contemporary culture is defined by several factors, among which we have to highlight:

  • Green is the national color of Ireland, and is used to represent Ireland’s national holiday, which is celebrated all over the world.
  • In Islam, the color green is given new meanings, such as hope.
  • Finally, green, together with red, represents Christmas.

To finish our little entry on the meanings of the color green, let’s talk a little about Feng Shui. In this oriental philosophy, green represents the fourth chakram, also known as Anahata (usually translated as intact) and represents the heart. From an emotional point of view, this chakra represents well-being, love, and compassion.

Although we could go on for hours and hours talking about the meanings of green, we will leave it here. With this you have a basic presentation of the meanings of this color. If you think we have left out something important, leave us a comment, and we will be sure to add it as soon as possible.