Guadalupe is not a widespread name in the world: it is one of the least requested when searching for female names, however, in Latin American countries this name is incredibly popular and used. So if you’re thinking of calling your daughter Guadalupe, she might be lucky enough to be one of the few with that name in high school.

What Can the name of Guadalupe tell us?


Although it is not popularized its meaning is incredibly beautiful and tender because it means “much love” as the love women name like this can offer because their hearts are incredibly tender and overflows happiness.

There are many who associate the Personality of Guadalupe with love, closeness and friendship. People that has a friend called like this knows that she never lacks sincerity and devotion, they are incredibly close and always have a friendly word when needed.

At work they are very helpful, they fulfill their duty without protesting and work from sun to sun if necessary, they are associated with research work, medicine, social services, any work that is directly related to helping others, this is even that of teachers either of children or university.

In the love plane Guadalupe does not run with the same luck since her passivity can end up boring in love, although she gives up to her 100%, she is very monotone and if her partner is not compatible he may end up bored and look for some stronger emotion.

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If this barrier is overcome, the family is her strong point, she will give everything to educate and raise his children who will receive a treatment of affection and closeness that turns his mother into an unconditional friend.

What is the etymology or origin of Guadalupe?

Pronounced wad-a-hub this name of Arab origin is believed to have appeared thanks to a river called the same, it also gave the name to the Virgin of Mexico “Virgen de Guadalupe”, this is why this name became popular so much in Latin American countries.

others have discrepancies since they believe that this is not the official origin of the name, and that it comes from the term Coatlallupe with a completely different meaning being this “The one who that crushes a snake”

Affectionate appeals of Guadalupe:

These names are always born from affection and closeness, making the original name more sweet and tender, these are: Lupita, Lupe, Guada.

How would we meet Guadalupe in the different languages?

This name has been fortunate to remain with the passage of the years almost as pristine as the original. It just suffer a single variant in the French language: Guadaloupe.

What celebrities can we meet under the name of Guadalupe?

This name is used for fictional characters, novels or theater, but let’s see some of the most famous.

  • Guadalupe Torres handsome and professional dancer dedicated to the world of dance.
  • Guadalupe Muñoz actress of reputed international prestige.