Here is a name meaning that has a somewhat particular personality. Gustavo is a solitary and introverted man, who likes to make friends, but does not find it difficult to find love. Here we tell you about the origin and meaning of Gustavo.

What is the meaning of the name Gustavo?


Gustavo can be translated as «Man who holds a gauta». This meaning is not intuitive; in fact, not even the experts themselves have been able to give it a logical explanation, although it is true that there are many theories.

In relation to Gustavo’s personality, he is characterized for being a shy and introverted person. He finds it difficult to communicate with his environment, with new people, although he knows that those closest to him will always be there for whatever he needs. He needs to have his own space to be able to live; otherwise, he will not be able to express himself naturally.

Gustavo is a man who does not need to meet new people every day; he has his usual friends, those with whom he has lived good times and to whom he pays attention. He has his parents on a pedestal, although it is inevitable that he argues with them from time to time.

In terms of work, Gustavo is a man who likes to invest, but he likes to do it alone. He likes to generate income that does not depend on other relationships, and he will dedicate his life to achieve this ambition. New technologies allow him to dedicate himself to art, writing, as well as Internet work. He has an individualistic mind and does not like teamwork.

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In the amorous plane, he is not a good seducer of men or women. However, the moment he finds a person who touches him deeply, his personality changes completely, and he will continue to insist until the other person notices him. Then he will become detailed and very affectionate, smiling much more than he has ever done before.

Finally, as for his family, he becomes closer to his parents and siblings. The other members of the family remain a little distant from him.

origin or etymology of Gustavo

The origin of the name Gustavo has Swedish roots. It comes from the Swedish word Gustav, whose etymology is Gustaf. The first reference to the term dates back to the 13th century.

There are some diminutives such as Gus.

Gustavo in other languages

  • In English it is spelled Gustavo.
  • In German the name is Gustav.
  • In French it will be written Gustave.
  • In Italian you will find it as Gustavo.
  • In Russian it is spelled Густав.

famous people named gustavo

  • Gustavo Fring, character from the series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.
  • Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, One of the best writers of literature.
  • Gustavo Cerati, popular musician
  • Gustavo Bueno, philosopher.
  • Gustavo Gili, creator of a publishing house with the same name.