In this text we are going to talk about a name that is related to maturity. If all men were like Hector, then we would not have to face all the problems we have today. His personality is amazing. If you want to know more about the meaning of Hector, we invite you to keep reading.

What is the meaning of Hector’s name?


Hector literally means «The possessive man». This means that he is a materialistic person, but he knows how to find the balance between his ambition and love.

In relation to Hector’s personality, we are talking about a man who matures much earlier than others. For example, when it comes to conquering other people, he does not only look at the physique, but he also looks for a special mentality, something that really attracts him. He needs a mature girl, someone who really thinks about his actions and really cares about the world. Since this is not common in younger people, he is more likely to look for a more mature partner. He is self-confident and will go to great lengths to be with his better half.

In relation to work matters, Hector is a very smart person, He does well in certain disciplines such as philosophy and active thinking, although he has a hard time assimilating raditional thinking. He also has a hard time thinking about the progress of society in relation to science. He is very fond of the environment, and tends to belong to organizations that help protect it.

He likes extreme emotions very much: He knows when he has to demonstrate for his rights, when it is time to do new activities to stimulate his mind and when he has to work. Sometimes he is very obsessed with his work, and this can give him some problems on the sentimental level.

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Origin or etymology of Hector

The origin of the name Hector has its roots in Greek. As we have commented, it can be translated as «Possessive, possessing». Analyzing the first references in history, one of the first appearances of this name takes us to Troy, to a man named Hector. And it would be Achilles who mothered him.

There is no diminutive of Saint Hector and neither does it have a masculine form.

Hector in other languages

  • In English, Spanish or French, the name is Hector.
  • In German it is Hektor.
  • In Italian, the name is spelled Ettore.

Famous people named Héctor

  • Héctor Barberá is a famous motorcycle racer.
  • Héctor Bellerín is a well-known Spanish footballer who has played for Arsenal.
  • Héctor Noguera is a famous actor.
  • Héctor Arredondo is another actor you may have seen in soap operas.