Here are the most important tips to keep in mind when making a correct interpretation of your dreams.

Phase 1: Writing a dream journal

Although it may seem unnecessary, it is very important to be able to write down all the elements and events that have occurred in our dream.


  • Place the diary next to the bed.
  • Keep your eyes closed when you wake up to try to remember what you have lived in your dream experience.
  • Write down the date and everything you remember from your dream.

Phase 2: Analyze your dreams


Ask yourself questions about the dream:

  • Was I alone?
  • Who else was there, did I feel someone?
  • How did I feel?
  • What does the environment mean to me?
  • How would I describe it?
  • Detect your underlying emotions
  • Evaluate the dream environment
  • Reflect on the other characters that appeared in your dream.
  • Try to look for common elements or feelings among your different dreams.

Phase 3: Deciphering the meaning of the dream

Maybe this is the most complex part since it requires extensive knowledge to make a correct interpretation of dreams. You can look up the meaning in our dream dictionary, or, if you have experience and knowledge in this subject, try to obtain the meaning of your dreams that you wrote down in your diary. We recommend you not to rely on a single dream, but also to find a relationship between your last dreams.

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Sometimes we tend to spend a whole day thinking about everything we experienced the night before while dreaming. Many people dream about love, their partner, work, family and even death. We are people capable of dreaming about anything and, when the dream seems to be a real experience, it is time to turn on an alarm because our subconscious must be announcing something to us, so we immediately start looking for the meaning of dreams.

Although there are several general interpretations for dream interpretation, which are valid in any culture and in any context, it is necessary to understand that this meaning can always vary depending on the person, the details that are revealed during the dream experience and at what point in your life you are at the time of experiencing the dream. You should also know that sometimes every night you dream about your worries, both those you can see and those captured by your subconscious, as well as dreaming about your deepest desires.

But what is dream interpretation? Many define it as the art and technique of determining a meaning to various elements, characteristics and situations that are revealed to us in the dream world. Believe it or not, this is an ancient practice of which data has been recorded going back more than 3,800 years of history. Likewise, some communities and aboriginal peoples include this practice within their belief system and social organization. In ancient times, the deciphering of dream visions sought to reveal a divine message, however, after the twentieth century and thanks to the development of psychoanalytic theories, dream interpretation focused on the revelation of hidden contents in our mind, which turned it into a clinical technique. Currently this technique is not only used in psychoanalysis but also within different aspects of clinical psychology.

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These advances have demonstrated that in our dreams there are more frequent motives than others. That is why it is very common to dream of animals, of a forest or of water. In the same way, it is frequent to dream about your loved ones or work colleagues. But we cannot leave out the horrifying nightmares or those distressing dream experiences in which you feel that fear takes over you. Both dreams and nightmares bring with them a message and you need to pay attention to it as they hold a lot of important information about your personality.

However, the dream world and the interpretation of dream experiences are still a delicate subject that today still retains many prejudices, myths and superstition. Because of this, we have set ourselves the task of finding a balance in these dream interpretations so that they are useful for you.

It is very important that you keep calm after each dream and do not get carried away by urban legends or seek to interpret your dreams by yourself because if you dream that you have fallen in love with a specific person, the next day you go after that person to surrender in his arms with the excuse that your dream foreshadowed the relationship between the two of you. Similarly, it is not advisable to enter into an agonizing or anguished state after dreaming of the death of a relative or friend.