Names are loaded with meaning and symbolism. Whether we have to name a baby, or if we have met a new person, we will probably get into the world of the meaning of names. In this text we are going to analyze one of the most popular names, Ignacio.

If you want to know the meaning of Ignacio, read on.

What is the meaning of the name Ignacio?


The name Ignacio literally means «Man who was born of fire». Here we meet the mythical legend of physical and mental strength, being able to withstand any adversity on the path of life.

In relation to Ignacio’s personality (you can also find this name as Nacho or Iñaki), he is very sociable. He always presents himself smiling in front of others, explaining some joke or joke to liven up situations. His good sense of humor makes our day, which is why he does so well in life. He refers to a robust man, mentally strong, not afraid to face difficult moments, and overcomes them with honesty. He is patient with his friends and has a lot of patience: he is not easily shaken out of his temper.

In relation to his personality, Nacho or Ignacio is a name that is characterized by wanting to be independent. He does not want his income to depend on a boss, or anyone else for that matter. He likes creativity, extending his social skills, learning from his mistakes, gaining experience and getting richer, but always working. The only thing he needs is someone to be by his side, to serve as emotional support, parents, friends or whatever, to solve doubts and advice.


Another key to Ignacio’s personality is to be able to insist when things don’t go well. However, he needs to learn not to waste time with those things that prevent him from concentrating or thinking. He has a hard time learning not to waste time with things that cloud his life. In the end, he always ends up getting what he wants. He likes the latest in technology; he will get along well with working as a programmer, or setting up his own company.

On a personal level, as we have already mentioned, Nacho or Ignacio will find it difficult to conquer a woman, basically for fear of failure. Once he has established the first contact, everything will go more smoothly. He will be good at seducing her and, once he starts a relationship, he will dedicate himself to her almost entirely.

Origin or etymology of Ignacio

To study the origin of Ignacio we will have to go to its Latin roots. Its etymology has not been correctly established. This name appears for the first time in the first century after Christ, although there are many people who think it is Greek. We will not know, but the uncertainty will remain.

The origin of this masculine given name lies in Latin. The etymology is not entirely clear. The first appearance of the name occurs in the first century after Christ, hence some think that its origin is actually Greek. We will never know, but the uncertainty will always remain. It is combined with the name Anthony.

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Ignacio in other languages

  • In English it is spelled Ignatius.
  • In Basque, the name is Nacho or Iñaki.
  • In German, the name is Ignaz.
  • In Italian, the name is Ignacio.

Famous people named Ignacio

  • Nacho Vidal, adults actor.
  • Ignacio Aguado, well-known lawyer.
  • Ignacio Escolar, journalist.