If you have already read several of our names articles, you will surely have noticed that we know very little about them, especially when they are little known or restricted to a small part of the population. If you have any interest in the latter, which on a global scale are rare, today we want to talk to you about the origin, history, personality and meaning of the name Iker.

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Iker is a pure-bred Basque name that means “the man who brings good news.” Your personality is characterized by careful observation of what is around. Likes to analyze all situations to not escape any detail.

When you’re at a crossroads, Iker tends to see everything that most of us can’t detect. It is as if his name gave him a power of observation superior to that of others. One of the traits of his personality that give him this quality is his ability to listen to everything they tell him. He likes to learn about everything, so he’s a very cultured man.

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About his love life, Iker is very sensitive and romantic. He usually does details to his partner, not only materialistic, but makes him think of the deep love he feels for her. He is a persuasive and optimistic man, which confers upon him the power of seducer. Every morning he shows a happy smile, something that will make his relationships last a long time.

Some girls may think he’s shy, but what really happens is that he’s analyzing it deeply to see if there’s any chance of getting along with her. It actually makes him more interesting.

At work, Iker is a great member of the team, he is very active with good results. His name gives him an analyst capacity that will surprise his colleagues. They are very happy with your presence. He is most likely to engage in sport or journalism, and reach the elite of his profession.

In the family, he is a very clever father who knows how to educate his children by teaching them to think critically. They will also be good observers. Iker likes to spend his free time with his closest beings.


Normally, the names usually have Greek or Hebrew roots, but in the case of this one it is not. Iker’s origin is purely Basque, and his etymology means “the good newsreader”.

His first appearances date back to a literary work called Deun-ixendepi Euzkotara. It’s actually an onomastic santoral, which was written by a gentleman named Sabino Arana.

The name was adapted from the female Ikerne version. In Basque it is synonymous with Bisitario, which in Spanish means visitation.

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Iker is a name that has only one Basque version and has not been translated into other languages. Hence you normally only find in that land.


  • Iker Casillas is a goalkeeper for Real Madrid, who has won a World Cup and two Euro Cups with the Spanish national team. Despite his flawless trajectory, he’s beginning to decay.