In this article we are going to see a name that is characterized by his personality; this evolves to the point of changing completely the moment he meets his dream partner. At first he is an independent person who does not think much about his environment, but this changes later on. Let us delve without further ado into the meaning of Isaac.

What is the meaning of the name Isaac?


Isaac literally means the «Man who helps to laugh»; this means what it seems, that he is a cheerful, funny, nice person and that he has always been put to the children so that they grow up with these values.

In relation to Iaac’s personality, we are talking about a person who does not want to depend on others, so he is not someone who likes relationships very much. He also does not try to conquer his environment, and this is partly because he is introverted. He respects women and likes long-term relationships. However, he can completely change the way he is as soon as he meets the person of his life, being attentive and tender.

One of the main characteristics of Isaac is his intellect. He is good at studying many subjects, so he will devote himself to whatever he finds most interesting.

Intelligence is one of the main traits in Isaac’s personality. He is very good at studying any subject, so it is rare to know what is going through his mind. Thanks to his name, he can do well in many environments. In the event that someone has a problem, he will devote himself body and soul to solve it. He is a manager and a leader.

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In the family environment, Isaac loves to transmit the knowledge that he has been learning all his life, but he also likes that his children acquire it by themselves. He is not jealous and always encourages a good family atmosphere.

He is not jealous and always favors a good family atmosphere, so we will never know what exactly he will do, which makes him more interesting. His name helps him to adapt to any situation that comes his way, any adversity. He gets along well with his coworkers and usually creates a good atmosphere so that everyone is comfortable. If someone has a problem, he does not hesitate to help them solve it, as he has a certain quality of director or leader.

Origin or etymology of Isaac

The origin of this given name has its roots in Hebrew, a language from which most of the names we know today come from. We find the first references in the Bible, alluding to the fact that he is the son of Abraham who was going to sacrifice.

There is no known diminutive and it has no feminine form.

Isaac in other languages

There are no variations on this name in other languages.

  • In Italian it is written Isacco.
  • In Japanese it is more complicated to write: アイザツク.

Famous named Isaac

  • Isaac Newton scientist who changed the world thanks to his theories….
  • Isaac Albéniz a musician who would create emblematic songs, such as «Asturias».
  • Isaac Peral was a renowned scientist.
  • Isaac Asimov specialized in arts such as science or writing.
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