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Jennifer is a slightly complicated woman. It conveys kindness and humility for people around it, and this is a complicated thing to find in any person. However, his personality also hides a somewhat dark background. Read on to learn all about Jennifer’s meaning.

What is the meaning of Jennifer’s name?


Jennifer can be translated as “woman with purity and justice”, and this relates to honor and humility.

Jennifer’s personality is of a very affectionate woman, and she has no problem showing it to others. Take care of your own and face who is needed for them. She is good with those most in need, although this makes her sometimes have to face impossible situations. Hates being unfaithful to him, but he is able to forgive his partner if he treats him like that. She is compassionate and has a hard time overcoming breakups. Look for a man who brings family stability and security to be able to take all the achievements.

On a professional level Jennifer is a woman who devotes her time to doing things to change the world and try to reduce poverty. Sometimes you can see her making big investments to donate part of the results to charity projects. If she reaches management positions, she will know how to lead teams and motivate them to achieve the achievements that the company expects from her. She is a person very appreciated by her peers, who sees her as a pillar that will motivate them and allow them to reach their goals.

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When it comes to her hobbies, Jennifer loves nature. He likes to get lost in the forest, appreciate it, lie down in a mountain or meditate in a waterfall. He likes to relax, purify his soul and forget about material things. He likes to transfer this way of thinking to his family, to his children. She is a mother who likes to communicate, likes to do the impossible, so that love flows between all members of the family environment.

What is the origin / etymology of Jennifer’s name?

This female name has its origin in Welsh.  For its etymology, it comes from a cornic variant. It comes from the name “Juniper”, in addition to other related terms. This is just one of the most successful theories, although it is not the only one.

It became very popular in the early seventeenth century, at the time when a popular writer decided to use the name for one of his most popular works, “the Doctor’s dilemma”.

His Saint is January 3.

We can find a derived masculine form, the name of Juan.

We also find her with a diminutive denoting confidence, Jenny or Jen.

Jennifer in other languages

There are some variations of Jennifer in different languages:

  • In Spanish, we can find this name as Juana, or Genoveva.
  • In Italian, the name is Ginevra.
  • In French, it will be written as Geneviève.
  • In English and German are written in the same way Jennifer.

People known by the name Jennifer

  • The famous actress who has gone around the world, Jennifer Lopez.
  • If you like Friends, you sure know who Jennifer Aniston
  • Jennifer Lawrence the heroine who triumphed in The Hunger Games.
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