In today’s article we bring you a name that is a pleasure to be with. He is very sociable, a friend of his friends and a completely different story to his personality. Without further ado, I’ll explain everything you need to know about the origin and meaning of Joel.



Joel means «Man who believes in God», hence the popularized phrase «The Lord is his soul, his owner». As you can see, it is a name with a very religious background.

Joel’s personality is associated with a person with the ability to socialize with others. He has no trouble meeting new people, making friends and keeping in touch with all of them. He is very outgoing. He loves going to parties, hanging out with his closest people and constantly talking to new people. Of course, he can’t stand fighting or arguing situations, he only wants good vibes, he doesn’t know how to react well to uncomfortable moments because he gets nervous. In those moments he may not say what he thinks, he does not know how to react.

Joel stands out for having an open mind, with this I do not mean that you are going to convince him of anything. That is to say, he is open but rational, he bases his ideas on solid arguments that you will find it difficult to refute. When it comes to deciding plans and meetings, it usually seems to him everything well, being with his friends he feels happy.

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The name Joel makes him somewhat conceited, he exercises constantly to feel good with his body but also to be healthy. He feeds and grooms himself every day before leaving home. He doesn’t usually indulge in pastries or bad fats.

In his work, he is usually dedicated to politics or any other job related to public speaking. He defends his ideas very well and they usually seem correct to everyone. He could also go into journalism, acting or science.

In love, Joel is also fun, empathizes with any girl who attracts him physically or by his personality. He is quite detailed and knows how to differentiate the personal part of the professional to avoid distancing.

Origin or etymology of Joel

The origin of this masculine given name is found in Hebrew. The first appearance is found in the Bible, in a character who was a prophet. He was one of the promoters of the apocalypse, so he foretold a somewhat dark future. The etymology is found in the word יואל.

There is a diminutive, infrequent, Joelito. There are no feminine variants.

Joel in other languages

  • In Spanish and English it is spelled Joel.
  • In French you will meet Joël.
  • In Italian you will come across Gioele.
  • In German you will meet Joel.
  • In Russian it is spelled Иоиль.

Famous people named Joel

  • Joel Bosqued, Spanish actor.
  • Joel Edgerton, Australian actor.
  • Joely Richardson, British actress.
  • Joel C. Harris is a famous writer.