Much is said about this name whose meaning is directly associated with the help of the divine, which is why this name is one of the most requested for believers who want their children to have the greatest possible support. Learn this and more curiosities about Jonathan’s fabulous name below.

What can Jonathan’s name tell us?


As we mentioned above Jonathan means «the bestowed by YHVH» so many are the people who believe that he has an extra help when performing any project or task in their daily life.

The lucky holders of this name know what it is to work hard to achieve all their purposes and goals in life, for although their name is divinely related does not necessarily imply that it has to be so, hard work and effort are its greatest. While it may be hard for you to find real goals to base yourself on, the moment you do it you will Obsessed to the point of getting hold of them, no matter what.

at working and loving level they are very persistent so they usually get all they achievments to they want, they like challenges and almost always work in computer science, plumbing, photography or jobs that require constant evolution and learning.

They like to be always busy, repairing objects at home, making dives around the house or installing new devices.

In love the so called Jonathan are real disasters, they are a little self-centered and lack details, it can sometimes play them bad past and make you lose the love of your life, always try to be delicate to retain what you want, but it’s not in their nature so I just costing to be honest

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Etymology or origin of Jonathan.

Its origin is Hebrew, more concretely from the term I-Nathan, more vulgarly we can find another meaning «the gift of our Lord» a meaning that is directly associated with Christianity, there are several names that relate directly to jonathan as Juan, or Jesus. having even the same meaning as Yoshua.

His most frequent diminutives are Johny or John.

How do we find Jonathan in other languages?

This name is well known for not suffering hardly variations throughout all these years since its origin is believed to date back to the writing of the Bible. There are many names that throughout history have been able to derive from this, but experts have not been able to find any proof of it.

In Spanish We will meet Jonathan.

What celebrities will we meet with Jonathan’s name?

There are several celebrities who have received that name at birth and have managed to reach the highest with it.

  • Jonathan Dos Santos recognized national elite footballer who has played for Barcelona.
  • Jonathan Ross famous and prestigious TV presenter.
  • World famous writer with several recognized works Jonathan Littell