Today we introduce you to a new name, in this case it is Karla, coming from Germanic lands, with a personality and etymologies that are worth reading. Below you will learn all the information about the meaning of Karla.



Karla means «woman with strength». Unlike most names, it comes from Germanic languages, giving it a special interest as you will see below.

Karla’s personality is reflected by her demanding attitude towards everything around her. She always finds something to object to, to improve or to perfect. Praise is not her best quality, however she is in constant search of her better half to fill her sentimental life. She does not like to feel alone, she needs stability in a relationship. At the same time that she gives her opinion on everything, she needs a mentor to help her improve her personal and professional qualities.

At work, Karla will be especially dedicated to the design kitchen because of her perfectionist personality. Fusion cuisine is her forte, with which she intends to reach the ultimate aspiration, winning the three Michelin stars. If she is not a chef, she will work in any sector where creativity and self-invention are present. She is a very demanding boss, sometimes exhausting, but she knows how to manage a team very well, everyone learns from her.

In personal relationships, we have already mentioned that the name Karla needs a partner who provides the same emotional stability that she intends to give. She is not materialistic, but she is detail-oriented at important moments. Both personalities must be similar to get along, collaboration at home is essential for it to work.

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Over time, Karla will meet many people who will not forget her. She is a woman who is not hard to miss, as she forges strong bonds of friendship. Her meticulousness helps many in their key decisions, something they certainly appreciate. With her family she does the same, her children will grow up with maturity and a dose of realism.

Origin or etymology of Karla

The origin of this feminine given name comes from Germanic languages. Its hypocoristic is Karl, its etymology resides in the language called «High German».

Its saint’s day occurs in November, on the 4th. It has a masculine variant, Carlos, and other forms of the name such as Carla, Carolina or Karol. Some use the diminutive Karl.

Karla in other languages

There are quite a few translations into other languages of this feminine proper name. Among them:

  • In Spanish it is spelled in other ways, such as Carlota, Carla or Carolina.
  • In English you would meet Caroline.
  • In Italian you would meet Carola.
  • In German it is spelled Angelika.


Not too many women have achieved fame by being called Karla with the letter «K».

  • One of them is Karla Casos, a prestigious model.
  • Another one is Karla Tarazona, who is in the business of representation.