Katherine is a woman characterized by an innate purity. It is an immaculate name, with a personality that is related to the freedom and autonomy of each person. In addition, as we like so much on this website, its origin is uncertain, and is the subject of debate between historians. If you want to know more, keep reading about the meaning of Katherine.

What is the meaning of the name Katherine?


Katherine is a name that can be translated as «Woman full of purity» which, unlike most names that come from Hebrew or Latin, is believed to come from Ireland.

In relation to Katherine’s personality, this woman is associated with freedom of expression, sensitivity and empathy. She is able to know how the other person is just by looking at their eyes, she adapts to any situation and listens to give her opinion. In the event that someone around her is not going through a good time, she will know what to do at that moment to improve the situation. She has no problem rectifying an opinion and apologizing if necessary.

As we have already mentioned, Katherine is a person who is characterized by her independence. She has an autonomous personality, which means that she does not care too much about what others think when she decides to follow a path. She is also capable of doing the impossible to reach her goals.

In love, he needs a person who has an independent personality, his own space, who supports him and can advise him when he is wrong. She does not tolerate bad criticisms against her personality, but she has no problem in accepting constructive ones. She is a progressive and very faithful woman. However, she does not give a second chance to the person who has broken her heart. She will cut off the relationship.

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In the work environment, Katherine is a woman who has gifts of vision and analysis. She always lives according to the latest trends, so it is possible that she could create her own beauty and fashion company. In the event that she decides to study a career, it is most likely that she will choose a career in the sciences. One of her greatest strengths is handling data and mathematics.

When it comes to work, Katherine has analytical skills and vision. She is very trendy, so she may start her own fashion and beauty company. If she decides to pursue a career, science is her passion. Your strengths lie in data management and mathematics.

Origin or etymology of Katherine

The origin of this female name is a bit uncertain. Most people believe it has an Irish origin, although others believe it comes directly from Greek. It is thought that it can be translated as «Purity».

Her saint’s day is April 29.

There are some diminutives of this name, such as Kathy, Cati or Caty.

Katherine in other languages

Because it is a rather old name, we can find it in many variations, such as the following:

  • In Spanish, you will find this name as Catalina or Catarina.
  • In English, the name is Catherine or Katherine. Another variant is Karen.
  • In Italian, you will find it written as Caterina.
  • In German, it will be written as Katharina.
  • In French, the name is Catherine.

Famous people named Katherine

  • Renowned actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  • Katherine Waterson is another popular actress.