It’s beauty lies in it’s simplicity, considered one of the most beautiful names, Lucia has been preserved over the years keeping with all its splendor, encourage to accompany us and learn more about the meaning of this beautiful name.

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What can we learn about the name Lucia?


In addition to beautiful and simple lucia means «woman who was born at dawn» there are many beliefs that consider this as synonymous with prosperity, joy and good omen.

The lucky bearers of this name know that they will always have a cheerful and optimistic personality, with a kind face for anyone who may need it.

At work she is a constant person, who never loses hope or throws in the towel, is optimistic even when the black clouds are over her head, knows how to see the bright side of things and always has a kind word when it is needed most.

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In love they are somewhat more complicated to conquer because Lucia has a barbarity to sit her head, she likes to enjoy the night, the flattery of men and company and good conversations.

When she finds their ideal man it is hard for her to realize, but with patience and a lot of work they can be conquered to the point of falling in love and starting a family. Since she was little, Lucia has in her mind the ideal of the perfect man and will do the impossible to find someone like that. He is a bit stubborn, but she will end up loving someone because of his inner self, not because of how he looks physically.

When they form a family they do it for life, taking care of their children with strong and firm values, they find it difficult to be constant and do not show their feelings too much, but that does not mean that they do not love with the heart.

What is the etymology or origin of Lucia?

Coming from the Latin language this name became popular throughout the world as one of the most requested, it means «light», this name is used a lot as a quote in poems, songs and literary figures thanks to its strength and ease to conquer.

It has a rarely used male variant Lucio, and its best known affectionate names are Luci, Lucy or Luz.

How can we find Lucia in other languages?

Thanks to the age of this great name has suffered some variants in different languages.

  • In France we will meet Lucie.
  • If we look for this name in German we will read Luzie.
  • In Italian it is written Lucia.
  • In English is written Lucy.
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What prestigious celebrities bear this name?

There are many famous people who have reached the top carrying this name, here we show you the most recognized.

  • Prestigious writer Lucia Etxeberria.
  • Great and beautiful actress Lucía Galán.
  • Lucy, character of a beautiful song «Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds»
  • A model and singer who rose to fame not long ago. Lucía Sepúlveda.