This time we are going to talk about a wonderful name, one of the stars that we can contemplate almost every night. It oscillates around the earth and animates us; it has inspired many authors and makes the nights more magical. Here we are going to study the meaning of Luna and all the keys to her personality.

What is the meaning of the name Luna?


The name Luna can be translated as «Woman who shines like the lunar satellite». The woman who bears this name is completely related to the star.

In relation to Luna’s personality, she is a woman who does the impossible to achieve her dreamed future, even stepping into some places that others would not even dare (this is the main reason for her success). She doesn’t mind if there are topics that are labeled as taboo. If an opportunity presents itself, she will not miss it. In addition, she has all the knowledge and skills to achieve whatever she sets her mind to.

The problem of having this personality is that Luna can find very important enemies in her life. She tends to be in very competitive worlds where only the best wins. Nevertheless, it is convenient to distinguish well who are our friends and who can get to harm her.

Of course, this type of personality can bring Luna a series of enemies throughout life. She tends to immerse herself in worlds where there is a lot of competition and only the best wins. However, she knows very well who are the friends of this name, and who will try to harm her.

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In relation to her friendships, the truth is that it is a little difficult for her to demonstrate with her gestures to the people she appreciates; she is not a person who can be classified as a detail-oriented person, but she will be there at all times. She serves as protection for her loved ones and does not expect anything in return from them. She likes to show her emotions, but her look says it all. In relation to her love life, she needs someone with a character similar to hers, who dares with everything that is to come.

On the family level, Luna is a woman to whom details escape; she thinks more about finding new challenges than the education of her children. This may cause her to have some problems as time goes by.

origin or etymology of Luna

The origin of the name Luna has Latin roots. The truth is that not much data is known about this name; if you can think of something, you can contribute it.
There is a diminutive that shows closeness to the person who has this name, such as Lunita. There are no masculine forms.

Luna in other languages

There are some important variations of this name in relation to the language we are talking about:

  • In English it will be spelled Moon.
  • In German, the name will be Mond.
  • In Portuguese it is written Lúa.
  • In Catalan, the spelling is Lluna.
  • In Basque, the name is Llargi.

Famous people named Luna

Although it is not too frequent, the truth is that there are many people with this name:

  • Luna Maya is a very famous actress.
  • Luna Rodríguez specializes in music.
  • Luna Zacharías is another woman who specializes in acting.