If you were born in the 80’s you probably remember the vast majority of people called Manuel at school, university or even at work today, this is due to the immense bum that this name originated at that time, and is that, although it is not such an attractive name as its description, it was a name that was very successful thanks to its religious origin.

What can Manuel’s name tell us


Often we will realize that we have a friend, acquaintance or even a relative with that name and that in many cases it is a person on whom we can rely completely  to tell him our problems or to vent out. Manuel means «the man who is with God» so his personality is always pure, he knows how to listen and take care of people.

With Manuel nearby we will realize that he is a person who fits anywhere, a person who likes everyone and who always takes care of all our problems, no matter how hard they are, he is there to offer his unconditional support.

If we are lucky enough to have Manuel in our work environment we will realize that everything we undertake comes out much easier, and is that working with him is joyful for the team, ease of work and a very competitive spirit.

Lonely but thoughtful, these are the qualities most prominent of Manuel in the field sentimental, he is a lone wolf, he likes to enjoy the company of your family and friends, but he struggle to commit to a relationship, this is why your relationships tend to be long lasting, if these willing to not discuss it is never possible to arrive at the heart of any Manuel and conquer forever.

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It is very difficult to find Manuel involved in a discussion, so if you are a calm and quiet person will not take long to formalize the relationship and form a family, in addition, his commitment to education gets his children to be studious and respectful.

Origin or etymology of Manuel

This peculiar name and contrary to what many people believe has its origin in Hebrew since it comes from Emmanu-el (עממָּנו .אֵל), it is believed that this name makes one of its first appearances in the Bible since Jesus himself mentions Emmanuel on more than one occasion.

Its greatest moment of glory was thanks to Catholicism, since many men changed religion and when baptized selected this fabulous name as a Christian name, this tradition has been preserved in a fabulous way to this day, finding many people with this name.

Its female variant is Manuela and it is very common to find this name among women, if we look for affectionate or diminutive nicknames, we will find Manu, Manel or Manolo.

How do we find Manuel written in other languages?

The passage of the years has treated this name quite well despite coming from Latin, I will tell you below.

  • Manel is well known in Valencian.
  • Emmanuel as his original name we can find it in French in English and in Hebrew.
  • If we travel to Italy it is more common to meet Emanuele.
  • Very similar to its original name but with a ‘ n ‘ less we will find the name in Germany Emanuel.

What celebrities do we meet called Manuel?

  • Great presenter and best person Manel Fuentes
  • Manuel de Falla is without a doubt one of the best composers if we talk about music.
  • Although it is hard to imagine, the famous bullfighter El Cordoba is actually called Manuel Diaz.
  • Operation triumph has given us great singers, one of them is Manu Tenorio
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