Some people have no obstacles in life when it comes to achieving their ambitions. They are constant and persevering, insisting on everything, and many times it is the name itself that helps them with it. This is the case here; read on to learn all about the meaning of Marcos.

What is the meaning of the name Marcos?


Marcos has a meaning that may seem absurd «Hammer». But because of this, this name has been chosen for generations, thinking that children would grow up with strength, nobility and courage.

The personality of Marcos is related to a special man, in which it is complicated to interfere and with a most special style. He has his ambitions and pursues his dreams, whatever it takes. He doesn’t always know how to slow down when he has to. He knows that many will try to stop him and it is clear to him that the reason for this is envy. He is a creative person who does what he sets out to do, although he can get tired from time to time, especially if he does not achieve what he sets out to do.

In terms of work, it is normal for Marcos to be a chef, to work in any field related to research, or to be an entrepreneur in any entity. He does not have a preference for a particular sector, he likes to try new things.

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In love, Marcos is a bit distrustful: he does not always understand the situations of others because he is somewhat egocentric. He likes to be the guide of his personal relationships and thinks that his way of thinking is above what others think. Even before he meets his partner, he may fake certain traits of his personality. If he has a plan to do with the family, and he has come up with it, it will have to be done, otherwise there will be a good argument.

He is much more concerned about his life than his professional life; his ambition is to be able to reach high-level, multinational positions, and he does not care what he has to do to achieve these ambitions. It is clear to him that, even if the road is long, the reward will be most satisfying.

origin or etymology of Marcos

The origin of the name Marcos has its roots in Latin. It derives from the term Marticus. As we have said, it can be translated as Hammer.

Later, this name acquired a new meaning with «Marcus», even experts think that there could be some kind of relationship with the Roman God Marcus, although it has not been proven. There are also those who think that the name is Germanic.

Later a transformation was made to Marcus, and some believe that it could be related to «Mars», since it was a Roman god. There are also discrepancies, since some historians think that it descends from Germanic languages.

There is one diminutive, Marquitos, and it has no feminine forms.

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Marcos in other languages

  • In English it is written Marcus. The diminutive in this language is Mark.
  • In German it is Markus.
  • In French, the name is Marc.
  • In Italian we will write it as Marco.

Famous People named Marcos

  • Marcos Witt, (American singer)
  • Marcos Rojo, very popular soccer player.
  • Marcos Alonso, another soccer player from Spain.
  • Marcos Arouca is a well-known soccer player.