The first name we bring you has a religious but grandiose history. A past captivated by the honor and defense of humans. Today you will learn all the information about the meaning of Martin.



Martin means “The man consecrated with Mars”. It is closely related to warriors, strength and honor, due to its Latin etymology, as we will see below.

Martin’s personality is associated with the personality of a lighthearted man, he does not take seriously things that do not deserve it. He lives according to the motto “peace and love”, he is very calm and does not worry if it is not completely necessary. This allows him to have extraversion as part of his character. He knows how to focus his efforts very well in order to dedicate himself only to what is important, and he completely ignores the “typical” problems of normal people. This, in occasions, can generate him altercations with other people.

At work, Martin will dedicate himself to any profession related to dealing with people. He needs to be constantly connected, and to help society in some way. Likewise, to participate in the social canteens is one of his main causes, to give food to those who do not have.

As for love relationships, Martin is very dedicated to his partner, because this sentimental part is among one of his priorities. He does not get into problems with her, he usually solves them quickly, especially if they are minor. He can’t stand feeling alone, hence his cuddly and affectionate personality. Occasionally he gets obsessed and pressures her too much, which can lead to a breakup.

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In the family environment, Martin is dedicated with fervor to the education of his children. He teaches them not to worry about what is not worth worrying about, as his own name does. He also tries to instill the value of the family so that when he is an old man they do not forget him, remember that he does not like to feel alone.

Origin or etymology of Martin

This masculine proper name has its origin in Latin. The etymology of its original word means “Warrior”. It has an intimate relationship with the God Mars, hence its meaning. There is discordance between both explanations, on the one hand the “Warrior” and on the other hand the divine. There have been many studies and onomastic analyses related to this name; it is possible that there has been a transformation from the word “Martial”, which comes from the Latin language.

The saint’s day of this name occurs in November, on the 11th, with Saint Martin of Tours. There is a diminutive, Tino, and a feminine variant, Martina.


  • In Valencian or Catalan it is spelled Martí.
  • In English you will know Marty.
  • In German you will meet Maarten.
  • In Italian you will meet Martino.


There are many famous men with this proper name.

  • Martin Luther King was a human rights activist.
  • Martin Luther was a theological scholar and church priest.
  • Martin Scorsese is a well-known film director.