There are some names that have complicated personalities, so it requires some patience to deal with them. And this is precisely what happens with the one we are discussing here. Without further ado, we study the meaning of Martina.

What is the meaning of the name Martina?


Martina is a name that means “Woman closely united to Mars”. This means the same as its masculine variation, Martin, although it has a somewhat different way of being, and that is because she is not a warrior and she does not feel any passion for war.

According to Martina’s personality, we have a woman who stands out for being calm, for not stressing herself so that her health is not altered. The only thing she needs to be happy is to relax, as well as to have a certain stability in her emotions. She does not like to have a life that is too monotonous, so she will always do something to break the routine.

At the work level, she will always be a woman who will always comply perfectly with the stipulated times, but she will not be quick in doing her tasks. She can dedicate herself to the world of sports, to work as a waitress, or as an entrepreneur. She is also passionate about the world of art, creating songs, painting pictures, writing stories, among many other hobbies.

In her romantic relationships, Martina is a woman who always remains faithful to her partner, and is even capable of forgiving an infidelity or an argument. However, it is a little difficult for her to believe that relationships are for real, and this may seem to her partner that she is somewhat absent, as if she does not take things seriously.

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On the family level, Martina is a woman who passes on the value of art to her children, teaches them to think for themselves and to create their own personality and philosophy of life at an early age. They would like to spend as much time at home as Veronica would, but, as we have already mentioned, she can’t have such a monotonous life, which means she has to go on more trips and excursions. She also likes to plan things with her family so as not to stay cooped up at home for too long.

origin or etymology of Martina

This feminine name has its origin in Latin, as is the case with the vast majority of names, which derive from this language, Hebrew or Greek and has a religious meaning, and is related to the God Mars. According to its etymology, the term comes from Martinus, which in turn comes from the terms “Mars or Martis”.

On the other hand, there are also references to a certain “Saint Martina”, although it is not known if she really existed. This woman has always been related to the noble sector of the Roman Empire.

It has a masculine variation, the name Martin.

It also has a diminutive: Tina.

Martina in other languages

Although this name has been in circulation since the 3rd century, it currently has no spelling variants in other languages. It is spelled the same way in the following languages: Spanish, French, English, German or Italian.

Famous people named Martina

  • Martina Stoessel, is the popular actress of the series Violetta.
  • Martina Juncadella is another actress from Argentina.
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