It is associated with the planet Venus and the water element. This organism turned organic stone is considered an energy receiving stone. The coral stone is linked to the awakening of the first chakra.

Today I come to talk to you about the coral mineral, the protective stone of fertility and health that is able to ward off the evil eye. Are you coming?

What is coral?

Coral is not a mineral stone as we are used to seeing them. It is a biological formation that grows very slowly, at a rate of one millimeter per year, reaching large sizes known to all in coral reefs. The large coral formations develop complex structures of hardened calcium carbonate colored with Carotenoid pigments. It is not a particularly durable gemstone. In its natural state it is easy to identify it by its characteristic natural matte luster, in addition to the translucency of this beautiful stone.

It is found in locations all over the world, although 75% of the world’s supply of this precious stone is mined in the Mediterranean at Torre del Greco, near Naples, Italy. Despite this revealing fact, there are deposits from which coral is mined in such prominent locations as the Red Sea, the Midway Islands, Japan, Australia and the Hawaiian Islands.

The colors of coral and its properties

The precious coral stone has a very wide range of colors. The best known is the red coral, which is no less beautiful than the rest, but you can also have a salmon, white, yellow or green coral stone. Noble coral has the most desirable uniform color; however, it often shows white to pinkish-red stripes or spots. Even so, it is still a beautiful stone full of energy and very colorful to show off in any jewelry adornment.

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White coral: it is the most common variety of this organic stone. The soft coral powder was used for a long time to make toothpaste.

It is also common to find a nice branch of this coral mineral, as a decorative element.

Red coral: it is the most common species extracted from the Mediterranean Sea to supply the jewelry industry in Asian countries.

It is considered a powerful amulet for seers.

Many ancient civilizations considered it as a protective stone against bad energies. It was considered a gift from the gods and both men and women wore a piece of this beautiful red coral as an amulet on their chest.

Pink coral: this is the color I like the most for the coral mineral.

It is closely linked to the protection of women during their pregnancy and while giving birth. In addition, it helps to protect children by relieving them from possible colic and crying caused by any kind of distress.

Orange coral or orange coral: this beautiful coral mineral, besides being very colorful, has very interesting properties. It develops the sense of reality and helps to resolve internal conflicts that can cause depression, besides distancing you from reality.

It helps you to face complicated situations such as an exam, a job interview and, in general, everything that can put you on alert and nervous. As you can see, all the coral pictures are so beautiful that it is difficult to choose a color. Which one would you choose as a charm?

You can choose one of each color, because you also have coral stones of other colors; there is yellow coral and green coral, for example. Coming from the sea, coral stone has positive vibrations and is a source of life and action.

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How to clean the coral stone

The coral mineral is a more delicate stone than any other known gemstone. As I told you above, coral is not a very durable stone.

Follow these tips to always keep your coral clean and cared for:

  • Coral is especially sensitive to heat. It is easy to lose its color over time. To prevent it from losing its attractiveness, I recommend that you avoid exposing your coral stone to the sun for long periods of time.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature or you will cause a significant deterioration in your coral stone.
  • Do not use aggressive cleaners to clean your coral stone. Bleach, ammonia and acids can damage your coral stone.
  • If you are going to wear a coral necklace, do not use perfume on it, and do not use hairspray either. I advise you to perfume yourself for a while before wearing your necklace. And, even so, try to use a lot of perfume, and especially not too strong.
  • When you need to clean your coral stone, do it by washing it in warm water and using a neutral soap, such as baby shampoo. Rinse your coral stone thoroughly under running warm water to remove soap residue.
  • To dry your coral stone, do not rub it. Gently place a cotton cloth to absorb the moisture, and let it dry completely in the open air.
  • If you want to dust your coral stone and you don’t feel like getting it wet, be very careful. I recommend you to use a feather duster, because if you rub with a cloth you can polish the stone. And it would lose that natural matte luster so characteristic.
  • Avoid wearing your coral stone when you are doing any household chores or when playing sports. It is a very delicate stone and could be scratched by any friction.
  • Always keep your coral stone in a cloth bag or wrapped in a cloth. Do not let it rub against other jewelry in your jewelry box because it could get scratched.
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