It is the magical stone that transforms negative energy into positive energy by acting directly on the heart chakra. The green tourmaline is the stone of prosperity and abundance, par excellence. It is used in the discipline of Feng Shui, this oriental technique where you can create peace and harmony through physical spaces.

Today I come to talk about the green tourmaline, the stone that will help you get abundance of money and love.

Meaning of green tourmaline

Green tourmaline is also known as verdelite, which means green stone and, as you can imagine, alludes to its beautiful green color. I love this color because it has a spectacular meaning; green releases feelings, awakens suspicion and curiosity, as well as enthusiasm and interest in everything around you.

This beautiful stone, tourmaline, has been highly valued for centuries by the upper classes of society. Tourmaline in all varieties of colors was introduced in Europe thanks to the Dutch in the 18th century.

Beyond its admirable beauty, green tourmaline is a stone that will help you achieve prosperity and abundance, both in love and money. In addition, carrying with you a specimen of this beautiful mineral will improve your creativity, which is essential to carry out any professional activity with a high degree of competitiveness.

Characteristics of green tourmaline

The name tourmaline comes from the Singlish term Turmali, which means «stone of various colors». This is common to all tourmalines, whatever their color. It is a mineral of the cyclosilicate family that comes from deposits all over the world, from Namibia, Mozambique or Zaire in Africa to Brazil or even Australia.

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From a mineralogical point of view, green tourmaline originates in its primary stage in pegmatites, forming large crystals. Although it always presents the same crystalline structure, it is constituted by several minerals in the form of metal, causing its wide variety of colors. The green color is provided by ferrous metals such as chromium or iron, and also by vanadium found in the mineral tourmaline.

In the jewelry and gemology market, tourmaline is a very appreciated stone thanks to the diversity of colors it presents. From an absolutely colorless tone, through pastel shades and ending with black. When presented cut, it is a fascinating and very attractive stone.

Commercial value of green tourmaline

One of the characteristics that make green tourmaline a highly valued stone is its similarity to other gemstones. This already happened in the Russian court of the 17th century where they believed that this prodigious stone was a ruby instead of identifying it with what it really is, green tourmaline.

To give you an idea of the value of tourmaline stone, a specimen of this uncut green-blue colored stone is worth a lot of money per carat as a semi-precious crystal. This is often called paraiba tourmaline. There is also Indicolite, which is a bluish-green toned tourmaline and is considered high quality, although it is rarer to find. This one, however, has a high value for collectors.

Price of green tourmaline

It is more common for these green tourmaline crystals to be found in large sizes, enhancing their performance by their colors and depth. Because of this, the weight is directly related to their price, with 3 carat, 4 carat and 6 carat qualities existing with similar prices. Obviously, it is rare to see them in other crystals or gemstones such as ruby or sapphire.

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Properties of green tourmaline

Green tourmaline, as its name suggests, is a variety of tourmaline that differs from the rest by its color. This is obvious, no doubt. It is a fairly hard stone despite its crystalline appearance that can make it seem fragile like a crystal.

One of the most striking properties of green tourmaline is its ability to help in the resolution of economic conflicts. It is proven that this prodigious stone will help you attract money in the most complicated moments you may be suffering.

This prodigious energetic stone has some very important properties to take into account. Here are the magical properties of green tourmaline:

  • It possesses a subtle vibration capable of transforming denser energy into lighter energy.
  • Green tourmaline has the ability to form a protective shield around your body.
  • It cleanses and balances all the chakras. In particular, it opens the heart chakra although it is indicated to connect and align them all.
  • In any difficult situation that may arise in your life, green tourmaline is a good companion because it will bring you protection.
  • The green tourmaline wands are especially known for being a powerful aid in healing. They cleanse the aura, remove any mental blockage, dissipate negative energy and provide solutions to specific problems.
  • And this stone is ideal for healing, in general, thanks to the natural striations that presents any of its specimens.

Healing properties of green tourmaline

Do not miss the healing properties of this prodigious green tourmaline:

  • It rebalances the meridians or channels used in acupuncture or Shiatsu techniques. They are superficial and deep points, which serve to connect with the organs of our body.
  • This green tourmaline mineral stone is very useful in helping physical coordination. Ideal for people who need to recover mobility in any of its limbs.
  • It is a fantastic natural insecticide, helping you to repel any mosquito.
  • The green tourmaline is an excellent fertilizer for plant crops. If you bury it next to any of your plants you will see how it grows strong and healthy.
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